How do you install a new radio in a Pontiac Grand Prix?

Let’s learn how do you install a new radio in a Pontiac Grand Prix. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Install a Stereo in a Pontiac Grand Prix | eHow

How to Install a Stereo in a Pontiac Grand Prix. ... Installing a new stereo in the Pontiac Grand Prix allows you to add options like subwoofers and iPod docks.

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Buy one and hook the wires up and put it in the middle.

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Radio Install Kit For 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Im looking for a radio install kit for an aftermarket radio for a 2000 Grand Prix. I went to my local auto parts stores and all they had was the Metra ones and my friend has that on his GP and the radio sticks out an inch or two and just looks horrible...


the problem is the radio mounting depth on that car is only 5.75 inches and most aftermarket radios...

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Need help with aftermarket radio install?

I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix and i am trying to install a aftermarket radio i bought the wiring harness and i have to run to 12v ignition switched wire to somewhere? where to u need to run that wire so that my radio stays on only when the key is...


If you bought the proper wiring harness you shouldn't have to do anything but connect wires between...

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Should I install 18inch Pyle sub in my 04 Pontiac Grand Prix?

I want to install an 18" sub in my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. I been looking for sites for a box for them not able to find one. Is it a good idea to install and 18 inch sub in more


id rather put my surround in my car then put pyles

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Could i install a supercharger in my 04 pontiac grand prix?

im kinda new to this but i was wondering if i could its a pontiac grand prix gt 04 v6 3.8 liter. is it a good idea? where could i get one online? and how to install?


Above is correcto!!!!! The lower end of the engine really wasnt built to handle the extra hard load...

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How to install new front speakers on a 97 Pontiac Grand Prix?

I am trying to install a new pair of 5.25 frontal speakers in my 1997 Grand Prix. I have the 8 speaker sytem with the tweeters at the door. When I removed the stock speaker, I saw that the tweeter is connected to the same feed as the big speaker with...


Get a cross over. This will have a speaker wire input and two outs. Then you can put a butt connector...

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95 pontiac grand prix aftermarket radio not turning on?

i have a 95 pontiac grand prix se and im taking out the factory radio (which sucks) and putting in a jvc kd-r530 i have the harness and the antenna adapter the black ground is more


Your problem is your connecting the new stereos wiring wrong the system requires a positive 12 volt...

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2006 Pontiac Grand Prix radio static?

My 2006 pontiac grand prix has radio static but only on certain stations. I've tried switching between FM 1 and FM 2 and all that but nothing seems to work. Any help would be more


I believe you have the same set-up as my 03 Bonneville. There are a few things that can be wrong. My...

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