How do I install a car radio by myself?

Let’s learn how do I install a car radio by myself. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do you install a new radio into your car?

Hello, Where can I find online a free manual of how to remove the existing radio to install a new one? Thanks. I have a '96 Honda Civic and there was an installed radio in it that didn't come with the car. Someone broke into the car and stole the faceplate of the radio. The actual radio is still there, but there is no way to control it, and I was told it is useless and it is near impossible to buy the exact faceplate separately . So I bought a new radio, but I don't know how to install it. Or is...


get a adapeter to for the car follow the direction sto install it the red wire and yellow wire from...

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Car radio- Off Code how do i get it off the radio so i can install the radio user code?

I have a radio that was stolen from my car and was returned by the police. When i tried to get the radio too work all i got when i plugged it in was the word OFF. I have the code to reinstall the radio but can't because of the Off . Is there a way too...


You've restored the power supply but you also have to reset the radio now. The dealer can tell you how...

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How to install pioneer touch screen navi/dvd radio in a car?? (nissan altima 09)?

like can u tell me generally? here is the radio link: im thinking to buy it...


hi, you need to check the size of your dashboard. or you could see the size on the website http://www...

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How to install a NESA NSD-327 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3 CAR RADIO?

well some of the cables are a bit complicated an have no idea where they should go for example all the ones' with speaker i get it ,but there is a cable Taged as Parking [brown cable]and i dont know where it goes next to that cable come 2 others named...


Red to white. Yellow to blue

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How do I install my new car radio when the harness I have does not fit the radio?

I have a !986 Honda accord LX....the radio is a VR3 model car wire harness has a 16 pins but I need to make it fit my new radio which has 9 pins anybody know how I more


Yes you can cut and splice the wires but it's so much easier and better to just get an adapter plug...

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How much does it cost to install a car stero/radio?

My car is from 1995 and has a tape player. -____- How much in general, would it cost to install a new car stereo/radio into the car? Thanks for answering!(:


Around 100 dollars I think. I just saw an advertisement for that today!

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How do i install this aerial adaptor in my car radio [link]?

i have purchased this aerial adaptor for my new car radio.… i'm wondering how i install it do i just plug the existing antenna into the back then push this into the radio? if i do how far should it push...


hi, yes you simply push the old one in to the back, and then plug this into your headunit. you push...

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How do u install a car radio?

How do u install a radio in ur car? Is it easy? Can i have somebody do it for me?? Or can i do it my selff


How long is a piece of string? Some are extremely easy to fit, others are very complicated. You haven...

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How do l install a car radio?

how do l install a car radio? where do l put the wires? its an 1993 mini,if this helps?


Go here for the harness adapter and install kit

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How and where should I install a CB radio in the car without damaging the interior?

We have a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder and want to install a CB radio with the big antenna. Where would be the best place to install it without compromising too much space?? Oh, and what more


why cb's went out in the 70's

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