How do I install a subwoofer into a car?

Let’s learn how do I install a subwoofer into a car. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i install an amp and a subwoofer to my car?

I have a 4 channel amp, but i do not have any wires for it. i just need to know to put it into my car.


Everybody else that answered had it pretty much right. But they left out some important details. Absolutely...

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I just got a subwoofer for a car. I want to know if I can just install the subwoofer in my car, if yes, how?

What kind of hardware do I need to install just my subwoofer to my stereo system in my car. The subwoofer is made by Audiobahn and it has two (what seems like) 11" subwoofer speakers.


First off they donot make 11" subs they r probly 12" anywayz.... First go buy a wiring kit...

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How much to install a subwoofer in a car?

My car used to have a pretty nice sound system but someone broke in and ripped out the subwoofer I want to get a new one but dont know how much it will cost they took the whole wooden box that the subwoofer was in but the amplifier and the cables are...


well go by the subs rms wattage. the more rms wattage the more power it can handle. i would go with...

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I need some help on how to install a subwoofer into my car.?

Here's the actual subwoofer that i'm trying to install, If you could add as much...


You will need an amp to run the sub. If you have no idea what you are doing it's a better investment...

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How can I install a subwoofer if the car stereo does not have an output ?

Hi all, thanks for reading my question! I have a subwoofer and amplifier from my older car and would like to install them for my new car (Toyota Highlander). The CD stereo is the more


(sigh) They're called LOC or Line-Out-Converters and you can find one at Wal-Mart.

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How much would it cost to install a subwoofer in my car?

i was wondering how expensive it would be to install a 10" subwoofer in my passat. I know i would need to either buy or make a box and probly buy some cables?


depends how much you want to spend? go to this website and see the price range that is good for you...

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How can I install a new subwoofer and amp into my car?

I have a 2003 ford expedition and it came stock with an amp and a 6" subwoofer and I want to replace them with a better amp and subwoofer. Can I fit a new bigger sub into the same place where the stock one already is? or do i have to build a box...


well chances are that if you want a better subwoofer , another 6" sub isn't gonna do much of help...

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About how long would it take to install a new alpine cd deck and subwoofer in my car?

I am going to car toys tommorow and put a new Alpine single cd deck and an alpine subwoofer in my 2005 dodge neon sxt. About how long would this take, in your guys' opinion? I appreciatte your answers. Thank you.


The deck is easy, probably 45 mins with the dash, the woofer is more complicated, running the wires...

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How to install my car subwoofer.?

I have a 1000w amp 3 pioneer Type R 10" subs in a box box all wired up but needs to be bridged that I want to hook up in a 2008 impala. I have no experience at all in car audio but I want to do it myself. So far I know I need a rca converter because...


Be careful how you wire it up incorrect resistance will cook your amp. check the spec's and the way...

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How do i install a car subwoofer/speakers to my hometheater?

or is it better to just bring the car stereo inside too? i want a stereo to shake my house and sound clear and even have surround. tell how i can achieve this please!


How do you plan to power the car stereo in the house? Are you planning on bringing in a car battery...

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