How do I install Windows XP on a new hard drive?

Let’s learn how do I install Windows XP on a new hard drive. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Super User.

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How do I install Windows XP from a USB pen drive?

Possible Duplicate: Installing Windows XP through Pen Drive Is possible to install Windows XP from a USB pen drive? I found many articles after searching Google, but they all talk about different approaches to do the task. Since I didn't install XP from a pen drive before, I don't know which of those approaches are right or not. If you've ever installed Windows XP from a USB drive, how did you do it? I'm looking for a technique that really worked for you, not something that you've read and haven...


While not a direct answer to your question, I used this wiki article when I needed to load my Eee (no...

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How do install a hard drive with Windows XP to a new pc?

I have an old Gateway 504GR pc with Windows XP home edition. I want to install the hard drive to an Alienware X51 pc. I know it sounds silly, but I want to do this. The HDD is 250gb. more


Hi Pete, The only speed bump that could slow things down is your Alienware & HDD compatibility ...

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My friend's computer hard drive broke, can I use windows xp upgrade cd to install in new hard drive?

I think my friend's computer hard drive is broken since it won't boot up an it has an PXE E61 media error. If she buys a new hard drive can she use an windows xp upgrade cd (since that is what was on her old hard drive) to install on the new hard drive...

Answer:… is the explanation of the error. The upgrade will only...

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New windows 7 can i install xp hard drive for moving data to new system?

new windows 7 comp with itb hard drive. has room for second hard drive. can i install 1? a second hard drive from xp with backup data acronis, 2 install xp hard drive with with all programs and transfer info to new computer??


1. Yes. 2. Sort of, WinXP should recognize all the new hardware (except SATA, you need a CD with SATA...

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I am going to Install a new Hard Drive on my cpu. Do I need to install windows xp on my new hard drive first?

My hard hard drive has errors on it I want the information on it just not the errors with windows can somebody suggest how to go about this. If I ghost my old Hard drive does that bring the old windows to?


Open a command prompt and type "chkdsk C: /f" (without the quotation marks) and it should...

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Why am i unable to install windows xp in a new hard drive?

First time doing this. i have an hp dv6000 series laptop and my hard drive died so i need to replace. i bought a new hard drive and installed it myself but i cant install windows xp in it. is it because the windows dvd is for a dell and not compatible...


First look in the BIOS and see if your new disk shows up. It will be in the first set of screens and...

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How can I install a fresh version of windows xp on a machine with a completely wiped hard drive?

There was a problem with an old hard drive in a netbook machine that operated windows xp. I managed to back up all important files. But when I install the new drive I keep getting an error code of 0x0000007b ... The hard drive has absolutely nothing...


Use a restore CD or an XP install CD.

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How to install windows xp on a FORMATED HARD DRIVE?

am planning to buy a new PC and i don't want to pay 100 bucks for a new windows, and they told me that they would give me a formated hard drive only so i was wondering if i could just install windows xp by just putting a windows xp CD on the CD-ROM?...


Chances are that your cd key would no longer work due to the validation seeing a completely different...

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How do i install windows xp from a thumb drive or external hard drive?

i have a dell inspiron e 1505 1g of ram dual core processor cd dvd burner and i messed up my hard drive by downloading a virus and now cant install anything at all and it will only run in safe mode wont boot normally goes to blue screen of death and...


call me i have the answer 1 810 479 1751

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PUTTING AN OLD HARD DRIVE AS A SECOND DRIVE IN A NEW COMPUTER It's not that hard to install a hard drive...

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