How do I make my Myspace 2.0 private?

Let’s learn how do I make my Myspace 2.0 private. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i make my Myspace 2.0 private?

Like how do i make it private were only my friends on my list can view it? i made a new page recently and i don't know how to make it private,like 1.0 version.I view it and see everything and so can other people,i want my page private were it shows just my default.If anyone knows how to do it please let me know,Thank you !


i resently had the same problem. with the new 2.0 myspace profile theres not really a button to just...

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you can but it may take a while! add this layout page, they make personalized layouts!

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Anyone wanna find or make a myspace layout/background similar to this...? 20 pts?

im looking for a layout/background like these and its annoying me because i cant find one...……… ... something...


I find you some myspace layouts, check here :…

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Anyone between the ages of 15 and 20 and wanna make a new friend on myspace??

im just really boredd. and wanna meet some new people not weird or creepyy. lol just message me and ill give you my URL


Sure I'm 18 what's up

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HOW DO I MAKE A STATIC TAG CLOUD? allowing about 20 input words varying in size and colour. Sorta like the myspace tag me application


Just create the html for it, shouldnt be hard you could even use a program like dreamweaver. Since its...

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Myspace Yoville Connection Problems 1-28-11!!?

When i try to log onto my yoville account through myspace, before i even get into the game i get this error message: $e: Exception Object ( [message:protected] => 401 401Application does not have the required user application permissions to make this...


This is happening to me tooooo!!

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How can you get a million friends on myspace?

Hi, I am trying to promote my band on myspace. I am already using friends blaster pro which is limited to 400 friends requests per day. We usually get around 120-150 friends a day which is great, but still far from what many people have. With this pace...


Being signed helps. You'll actually get recognized then. It's really hard to get noticed if aren't on...

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(: I will PROFESSIONALLY edit your myspace pictures!! :)?

YOU MUST READ THIS FOR ME TO DO YOUR PICS: (I WILL KNOW IF YOU DIDN'T READ THIS!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE editing pictures, and to get more practice, I would be willing to edit your pictures, not to brag, but I am pretty dern amazing at them! I am not...


the bushbaby is making a comeback. haha.'… http://i...

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A site sort of like myspace?

There was a site probably a year or two ago that was similar to myspace. It had more space for pictures, back when myspace only allowed 20 or so. You could also make a background and more


could be one of the following: hi-5 migente black planet xanga orkut

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Myspace?? (10 points)?

on myspace, it shows the Online Now icon for like 20 minutes after u sign off, does anyone know how to make the Online Now icon go away right when u sign out or close ur browser? more


yah wait till the next goes to the right of the time..

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