How to change font on myspace 2.0?

Let’s learn how to change font on myspace 2.0. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Go to customize profile ♥

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Does anyone know how to change the font of your myspace display name to ANY font you like?

I wanted to change the font, size and colour of my myspace name so I found the code and changed it and its was fine, I found a font online that I really liked so I put it into the font bit of the code and it didn't work. I looked online about why it...


If I'm understanding what you mean, the best answer I could give you is that MySpace only allows basic...

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I dont get how 2 change my myspace profile font!!?

Ok I tried most fonts like: - <font style=font-size:3px ;>TEXT</font> - <font size="font size">TEXT</font> - <big>TEXT</big> - <big><big><big><big>TEXT</big></big><...


Did you try <font face= >

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I cant get my font to change on myspace! help!?

i can change the colour but not the size or font. What am i doing wrong?? im typing <font size=""></font> for size and <font face=""></font> for style!!!! its not working!!!


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How do you change the font/font color on myspace?

i have the myspace 2.0 and i wanna knoe how you change the font..i like the font that is big and overlaps. or if you dont knoe what im talkin bout just show me how to do it?


Step 1 Opening and Closing Tags When working with CSS, you must start with an opening tag. Likewise...

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MYSPACE HELP! how to change font style or colors on myspace?

i want to know how to change font styles or font colors on myspace, can someone help me? and i want to know how to make letters underlined, bold or italic thanks


There are way too many text tricks out there. I know my HTML so i never have to worry, but for a starter...

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How to change the font size and font type on myspace?

i have just the default myspace background and i would like to make the font a lil bigger and maybe change the color.... how do i do this?


try this one... it will fix your problem

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Change Myspace font. Satisfaction.?

Is there any website that i could get a code for my myspace and change the font? instead of dull regular ones? I really REALLY want the font satisfaction. The font satisfaction is more


Hi there, You can definitely change your font to Satisfaction, however, since Satisfaction is NOT a...

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How do I change the font on a myspace 2.0 layout?

I have a layout from & I don't like the font,and I want to change the font but how do I change it? I have myspace 2.0,and I'd appreciate the help.Thanks. (this is the layout I have;


try this site

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How do I change my myspace "about me" font?

I tried using this HTML: <font size=”12”><font face=”FONT NAME HERE”>text here text here text here text here.</font> But, it didn't work! Does it have something to do with my current layout, or..? Help is appriciated...


Nope it wont work. Get a myspace layout and look for {font: verdana} and change 'verdana' into a different...

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