How do I obtain msn Messenger 8.0?

Let’s learn how do I obtain msn Messenger 8.0. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You don't, unless you applied for the beta testers program. Don't worry because I'm sure by now it is...

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HP Laptop, Built-in Camera and MSN Messenger?

When i use MSN Messenger and want to start the camera.. It says Camera is either unplugged or used by another software!! That happens like 80% of the time... In the other 20% what it does is that it starts the camera, and then i have to wait for the...


I had the same problem...but now all of a sudden it works. I would always have to go to and reinstall...

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Can you obtain someone else's avatar in MSN?

I usually use my Yahoo! messenger but some friends use MSN so I downloaded that one as well.I'm just curious if there is a program that can take the others avatar.I once had one more


If you use pidgin for msn, you can simply rightclick on the image and choose "Save as". If...

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Lets you know EXACTLY what others do on your computer?

Lets you know EXACTLY what others do on your computer when you are away. Perfect for catching cheaters, monitoring employees, children and spouse, acquiring others' passwords and even investigating crimes. Power Spy secretly records: keystrokes, websites...


Wahaay! My pal, Gavin thinks your jokes are brilliant> I can e-mail them to him as he uses the work...

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Why cant i download the new windows live messenger?

i cant log into msn because it says download the new version and it does for me and then it gets to 80% and stops saying there were errors everytime.


Yes, into msn just download into the new version. It's always been like that and it always odds are...

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Is this for real?

You won $200,000.00! Yahoo! Mail congratulates you! Yahoo! Mail Messenger CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON $200,000.000! Dear Winner, Yahoo! Mail gives members random cash prizes. Today, your account is randomly selected as the one of 12 top winners accounts...


This a SCAM. Check out the below link for confirmation of several email scams hitting the internet,...

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Mum wont trust me with facebook or skype or anything like that?

ok so i once had facebook and skype without my mum knowing coz i thought she wouldn't find out, but eventually she did and she got rlly mad. i have had fights with my old friends all the time on like msn messenger and emails and stuff like that, but...


your not old enough for facebook your not 13 Thats Why your mom wont let you have a facebook

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Computer Help - RAM or Graphics Card?

OK I'm running Windows Vista Home Basic on a 3.56 Ghz Pentium D Processor with 512 Mb RAM. The graphics card is made by Intel (It's built into the motherboard) with 64 Mb Video memory. I play some games such as Command and Conquer Generals and Guild...


512MB is not enough to run vista effectively. You need 1GB at MINIMUM, but I recommend 2GB. Your 64MB...

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Msn messenger, windows messenger & windows live messenger?

what is the difference between msn messenger, windows messenger & windows live messenger? say you have msn messenger can you talk to people who have windows messenger and windows live more


yeah there just older and newer versions

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MSN Messenger won't download on my mac!?

I have a macbook pro with Mac OS X and whenever I attempt to download MSN messenger and then attempt to sign in I get a message saying "A newer Version of MSN Messenger for Mac is available. You must download the newer version in order to continue...


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