How do I open a .doc file using yahoo mail?

Let’s learn how do I open a .doc file using yahoo mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to open a .DOC file? | Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers Sign In Mail ... How to open a .DOC file? My sister needs to open a file that was saved on the computer as .DOC, ...

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I cannot attach any file using the new Yahoo Mail Attachment tool?

Since I installed the new Yahoo Mail attachment tool, I was never able to attach any kind of file to my email. I have tried everything suggested by the help article here in yahoo including installing the latest version of Adobe flash, turning my McAfee...


I downloaded and installed it and it works fine in Firefox. Make sure that after downloading you install...

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I can't attach any file in Yahoo mail using IE while a dialog box comes up saying "Invalid File Specified"

I use Internet Explorer as browser and I had always used Yahoo mail with satisfaction. But now I can't attach any file at Yahoo mail. Whenever I browse the file to be attached and more


6. If you are attempting to attach a file to an email message and receive an error message that states...

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Why won't Yahoo! Mail won't open a .doc file?

My friend sent me a .doc file as an attachment in an email. I click the file name and then download attachment but Yahoo! Mail won't open it. I have Windows Vista on my computer. It keeps giving me a message saying the file may be corrupt or something...


You don't open files in Yahoo! Mail. Save the file to your computer... then use the application you...

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How do I insert a PDF doc file into the body of email Yahoo! Mail account?

Do not want to upload my PDF doc file as email attachment. Need to know how I insert PDF doc file into the body of my account.


i use 4Videosoft PDF to Word Converter to convert Adobe PDF file to Microsoft Word Doc file, very convenient...

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Why is it every time I send a email using my email it never shows up in my "sent" mail file?

I have a yahoo. com account and I use it as my email, however I never see any of the mail I send to others show up in my "sent" file. I can see my deleted mail, my spam mail, my drafts etc but no sent mail. What gives here?


Check your settings. Click on the 'Options' link at top right corner of mail screen. Options / Mail...

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I want to send big file, but denied by google, although i'm using yahoo mail?

i have both yahoo and google. when i want to send a mail with a large att., it is always denied as larger than 4 mb, by google, although i'm using yahoo mail. pse tell me hpw to escape frpm this annoying google feature. thank you.


use and send files up to 2GB in size. They have no restrictions and don't require you...

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How to get yahoo mail to again attach fotos using file> send to>mail recipient ? it recently stopped working.

i've been using this nice short-cut for 3 years, then, without changing any settings i'm aware of, can no longer attach a foto by selecting it from windows foto folder and getting the original or reduced size jpeg to be attached. the e mail doesn't get...


try running mail classic

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I can't download any doc or excel file attachment from my yahoo mail. Can you help me?

I have a doc and excel file attachment. I click on the attachment, it opens the screen that says download attachment. I click on that, it takes me to the screen that says open, save, cancel. I click on either open or save and it just keeps throwing files...


Possibly a popup blocker or a spyware program is blocking the download. Check for any indication that...

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When using the newest version of yahoo mail, how do you move something to another file?

I have a file in my mail that I put stuff in that I wanted to keep so that it wasn't always in my in box....but now that I have the new version of mail I don't know how to move the stuff into that folder. Please help... Thanks!


The new Yahoo BETA mail .. you can drag and drop ... or highlight the email and click on the move button...

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