How do I open this word document in html?

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How do you convert a Word Document into very simple html in Python?

Every now and then I receive a Word Document that I have to display as a web page. I'm currently using Django's flatpages to achieve this by grabbing the html content generated by MS Word. The generated html is quite messy. Is there a better way that can generate very simple html to solve this issue using Python?


A good solution involves uploading into Google Docs and exporting the html version from it. (There must...

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How do I open an html document from Note/Word pad?

To open an html document from Notepad wont work for me. My instructions tell me to open Notepad. OK. Click on File Open. OK. In the files of type drop down list, select ALL FILES. OK. In the Look in drop-down list display C:/ isnt...


Simple. Just open notepad then drag the html file into notepad and it will open itself.

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How can I get the HTML code for a Word Document?

I have a word document that I want to implement into a web-based document server but I need the HTML source code to copy from the word document to the server. How can I get the source code (HTML) for a word document so I can do this?


A Word document does not have HTML source code. It is a Word document, not a Web page. You can convert...

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Open it in a text editor (e.g., Notepad) instead.

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How can I find selected word from a html document?

When user double clicked on any text on my webpage, A popup window shows that text (word) in big font. So, Can I determine which word is selected in a webpage? Please help me with examples/links. I like to use javascript, html, php. simple example is...


At any time, you can do: <script type="text/javascript"> var selText = document.getSelection...

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How do you attach a WORD document to a html page?

I need to put a WORD document on my website so that anyone who wants to can click on it and download it. How can it be done?


just save as your word to single web page or xml but i never put it on website..just try

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What's the best way to convert a Microsoft Word document to clean unstyled HTML?

Goals and constraints: I'd like to take a Word doc, maintain only basic styling, and get very clean HTML or, ideally, Markdown out. It also has to be able to be automated via an API, script, Mac program, etc (i.e. no Windows programs or pastable HTML...


Do a self email in Gmail, attaching the word file. Then open it using "view as html" Save...

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It shouldn't. It sounds like the user inadvertently saved something they should not have.

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I want to save a Word document as .html, but it saves as an iTunes file instead?

I'm trying to upload a piece of literature on deviantArt. It's my first time uploading literature, and my first time trying to convert a Word document to an HTML... And for some reason, my computer keeps saving my "HTML" as an iTunes Music...


Open your document file and select all the text, then copy it and paste it into notepad, now click file...

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Why Doesn't Saving a Microsoft Word Document as HTML Work Well With Apple and Linux?

It seems to me that when you try the "easy way" to make web-pages with Microsoft Word by typing-them-up with Word and then saving them as HTML that Microsoft Word web-pages made this way JUST-DONT-WORK RIGHT. When you make web-pages with MICROSOFT...


Because: Microsoft build all his programs inside of a own environnement. That's also why the frontpage...

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