How do I attach a word document to an email?

Let’s learn how do I attach a word document to an email. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do you attach a word document to an email?

Okay so this is my first time dong this so please do not make any rude comments. I had to type up a report for school on my Mac Laptop. Now I have to send it to my teacher by email. I know I can copy and paste but sometimes this leaves weird marks and indnts I do not want in the paper. How do I send it as an attachment?? THANKS A ZILIION!!


okay, well once you save your document, but make sure you know what folder you saved it on to, next...

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How do I attach a Word document to an email?

What do I do to attach a Word file to an email beyond knowing that it is a certain category?


simply open your mail. Click on attatch button. Type required address and subject, then ok. Finish.

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Using yahoo email and open office how do I attach a document so it will open with ms word?

It says how to do it in Open Office but I dont know if when I look for the document in Yahoo it will stay set as opening with MS Word


Yahoo is a website that happens to have e-mail. Open Office (free) & Ms Office ($400+) are similar...

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on your e-mail, go to "attach files" go to "browse" find the file and click ok,...

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I want to attach my Microsoft word document in yahoo email and I need help?

I want to attach a Microsoft word document in yahoo and send it VIA email. I have Microsoft word 2007 on my HP laptop. What do I save my Microsoft word document as? I know it's .doc, I believe. When I go to click on file and save, I'm not too sure on...


If your document is open, click on Save As and choose 97-2003 Word Document from the drop list then...

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What's the best way to attach an open Word document to an open Outlook email?

Using Windows Vista at work: Once I finish making changes to a file in Microsoft Word 2007, I want to attach the file to an email in Outlook 2007. Currently, I am opening subfolder after subfolder getting to it either on the desktop or in the attach...


You can add the same path box to the Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2007. Right-click the toolbar and...

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Why can't I attach document from Word to email?

Why am I not able to attach a document from word into email. Have left "attaching doc." spinning for 30 min and it never completes


Going back to Classic, where the max. size of the attachment was 25 MB - I have had the same problem...

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Any websites out there that can help me email new year greetings and attach a word document with it?

My boss wants me to send a greeting card to clients along with a word document (which contains some of their personal information.) So it should be something like a pop-up card saying happy new year and then the document opens with it. I really need...


Just make a New Years card on any site, copy the link of it, paste it in the email, then attatch the...

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remember that yahoo mail has a size limit on the size of a file that you can send. Make sure that you...

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Should I attach a cover letter as a word document, or should it be a body of the email?

I am sending a resume and a cover letter via email first time in my life. But, I have three questions to ask.... Could somebody help me out? 1. Should I attach a cover letter as more


Ok (I was in recruiting)- First the subject line should be Resume for ____ Position --- What you do...

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