How do I attach a file to email?

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How do I attach a file to my email message?

when i click on "attach", all I get is the option to "open" or "cancel" to edit the file I want to attach. When I send it, the receiver cannot open the attachment, as it's just words, not an icon or link.


Every e-mail program is different. The only ones where you can control exactly what goes in (and which...

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How can I attach a 114MB file to an email?

I want to attach a 114MB file to an email and send it to my friend. AOL only allows 16MB to go by email, and yahoo only allows 10MB to go by email. Does anyone know how I can send this file? Is there an alternate email service that will allow me to send...


You really cannot attach it. What you can do is you can upload it to a File-Hosting site such as mediafire...

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How do I attach a video file to an email?

So I had a project due today for school--a video project--and I made the mistake of saving it to a CD (like my teacher advised me to). When I got to school, I had to transfer the file from the CD and place the file in the shared server, but it would...


If you want you can use my brothers site to send files up to 2GB,.. its free and you can use your existing...

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How come I can't attach a file to my email?

I am trying to send a file with my email, but everytime I put a file in the file 1 box, a window with a yellow triangle exclamation point comes up and says, "Invalid file specified. Please try again." It does that with any file I try to attach...


what program are you using? yahoo mail? outlook? aol?

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I saved a file to my Yahoo Briefcase. If I want to attach this file to an email how do I do it?

Saved a file from an incoming email to Yahoo Briefcase but I don't know how to attach it to an outgoing email.


If it is a picture you saved then save it to your computer and send it as an atachment in the email...

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How can i attach a file in my email, there is no visible attach file icon?

This email seems new, yahoo has changed the format, so now there is no visible sign for attaching an email, I have also tried, ****,tab and that dint work, then shift, control, u and more


there is not "paperclip" to the right of the send button like there used to be

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How do you attach an excel file from your desktop to your email, with out using "attach files more easily" ?

after i select 'Attach' it takes me to my desktop but cant seem to find where i can select ATTACH atfer i have selected the file


Try right clicking on the file and going to "Send to" - "e-mail recipient".

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When I try an attach a file to my email it just keeps attempting but never attaches. How do I resolve?

Every time I try and attach a file to an email the icon indicating that its attempting to attach the file just keeps spinning but it never attaches. It does not matter how big or more


I haven't been to attach anything in months....I may have to use google mail I guess.

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How to attach a file in a email?

I tried to attach a file with the option 'attach a file'.


you have to exit out of the file you are trying to attach. Save it, then exit out. that should allow...

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How to attach a PDF file to an email?



First....In MAIL CLASSIC.....when in the NEW, FORWARD or REPLY mode(.For Beta/New mail version.see below...

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