How to put a word document onto an email?

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Knowing how to insert the contents of a Microsoft Office Word document to the body of an email can save...

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MS word Question, How can I put my document into an email as is?

I made my resume in MS word, but people always have problems opening it from mail. So I just want to take it as is, and put it in an email without there being any changes. Like there are bellet points that I use, that are shaped like arrows and I want...


No i don't think u can directly send it with all the fancy arrows and and bullets. but u could try copy...

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How to move document out of Word and into an email account?

I need to move some letters that I put into Word into an email document so that I can send them on. I have tried to click on the document, then hit control A, then Control C and then more


the only way i know is do copy the document then past in notepad then after that then past in your e...

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How do you paste an image in a text box from Microsoft Word into a yahoo email?

I have put my artwork logo in a text box in a Word Document to depict my letterhead logo but I cannot copy and paste it in a yahoo email. How can I get my logo from Microsoft Word into a yahoo email so I can make it as part of my signature on emails?


This link describes several methods which enable you to extract picture files from a word document:...

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I want to attach my Microsoft word document in yahoo email and I need help?

I want to attach a Microsoft word document in yahoo and send it VIA email. I have Microsoft word 2007 on my HP laptop. What do I save my Microsoft word document as? I know it's .doc, I believe. When I go to click on file and save, I'm not too sure on...


If your document is open, click on Save As and choose 97-2003 Word Document from the drop list then...

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How do I retrieve a document in Word from yahoo email that I edited and saved but not copied to hard drive?

I made a silly mistake of working on document opened from my yahoo email but forgot to save it on my hard drive. I saved all the changes and closed Word only to relaise that I was still working from my email account. I was saving the document all along...


They usually save to 'My Documents'. You can: Start, Search, Documents. You can narrow the search to...

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How can I change a word document which is attached to an email that I have receive?

I have resived an email that a word document is attached to it. I want to change some words in this document in order to see this change when I open this document in my inbox. is it possible? (I dont want to save this changed document only in my computer...


No you cannot change the original file that was sent to you as the copy you have in your email is only...

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When trying to email a word document, it goes to yahoo email rather than my outlook, where do I change this

why does my word document default to Yahoo email rather than to outlook when I am trying to email it - I want it to go to outlook, NOT yahoo email - urgent reply please as to where I change the settings to accomplish this. my email is or...


I think that is because you have yahoo as your default account on your computer settings, try to change...

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How can I find a word document opened from an email attachment after saving?

I opened a word document from an email attachment, closed my email and then made some changes to the document opened. Then I saved the document without specifying a location in the computer and then accidently closed. Is there a way to recover the document...


Click on "Start" & then "My recent documents" If not DL & install "...

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How can i copy a word document sent to my email ?

Im having problems, my college work which is a word document has been sent to me by email, I can open the email and see the essay, when i click on the link it opens my essay in the email but i only have office starter and it wont let me open it with...


Help is here all you need to do is place your cursor onto the E-mail press Crtl +C then open the document...

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