How to replace a string inside of a Word Document?

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Java: parsing ms-word document using POI/HWPF

I have a ms-word document (MS-Office 2003; non-xml). Within this document there is a string associated with a bookmark. Furthermore, the word document contains word-macros. My goal is to read the document with java, replace the string associated with the bookmark, and save the document back to word format. My first approach was using Apache POI HWPF: HWPFDocument doc = new HWPFDocument(new FileInputStream("Test.doc")); doc.write(new FileOutputStream("Test_generated.doc"));...


never found a solution. The customer had to pay an Aspose-license (expensive) or refrain from using...

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In Word 2010, how can you replace all occurrences of the same picture in a document with a different picture, using one or a few commands?

I'm working with Word 2010 and I am using the same picture in several different locations throughout my document.  I want to replace those pictures with another picture.  Is there an easy way to replace all the pictures at once or is it only possible...


Work with the XML file format (this obviously only works of the file is .docx / dotx / docm / dotm format...

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MS Word Question: How can I replace empty cells in an MS Word table with a string 'N/A' (quickly)?

I have a rather long table of text in MS Word (It's too hard to copy it into excel due to formatting of the text). One column specifies whether the entry is applicable or not. The person who filled it out left all of the N/As blank. How can I do find...


In the time it would take to do a custom macro you could do a zillion cut and paste operations. Put...

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Write a "C" Program to find and replace a particular word by another word in given string.?

For Example,the word "machine"should be replaced by the word "operation"in the sentence "Drilling machine Milling machine Grinding machine"


Use strstr to find the target string and then simple array operations to replace it with the new string...

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My Documents aren't printing correctly in Word 2010?

I recently upgraded to Office 2010 yesterday, and cannot print documents correctly from Word, when my document comes out of the printer, it has 'scaled' my document down by about 70%, For example, if I open a fresh new word document, and make a square...


you will probably find it is the print settings that are set to do the standard legal size and not the...

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Microsoft word 2007 help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) What steps would you take to hide the commands on the Ribbon so you have more room to work on your document? Double-click the active tab. Double-click any tab. Right-click the active tab. Right-click any tab...


For the first 12 questions, the answer is "E". The answer for the last one is "42"...

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"Word Document" questions.?

Ill give out the points to whoever can help me with this. Please 1.You typed a paragraph on page 2 that should appear on page 7. To move that paragraph to the correct place in your document, you should use_______. a. Drag and drop c.Delete and replace...


1 B 2 D 3 C 4 Possibly D but not sure 5 not sure 6 not sure 7 not sure True/False 1 true 2 false (imo...

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Java String Handling illusion?

hey Friends i am working on a project called find, replace TextField = Hello Saurav How Are You How Are You Doing Saurav Find What = Saurav Replace With = Gaurav all those 3 string must be get from user. or just tell me a string method tht replace a...


TextField tf = new TextField("Hello Saurav How Are You How Are You Doing Saurav"); parent...

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C++ program to remove certain words from a string?

I have an origional text file...I need to remove certain words from the file..replace them with new words and save it as a new file...its a file with a bunch of lines and some of the words appear multiple times throughout the file..this is what I have...


For this: line[a]='###'; my compiler says:     warning: multi-character character constant...

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How do I recover my lost word document?

I saved a word document, when putting it into dropbox I selected "copy and replace" because I already had a document with the same name in there. I then opened that document more


the replaced file can't be recovered. if you don't want to give, you can try some software like eassos...

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