How do I attach photo or document to and email?

Let’s learn how do I attach photo or document to and email. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Why can't I attach a document/a photo to an email?

When I try to attach a document or a photo to an email, the attachment circle just keeps turning and turning and the document/photo os never attached


Do you have the new Yahoo dropbox?

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Photo document in Publications document to attach to email, yahoo won't let me do this, it says invalid file n

I am trying to send a photo with an email. I can't drag it over. I have to include it as an attachment. Yahoo won't let me do this. It does not recognize the files name of It also does not recognize the document name. I just want...


Can you save the photo as a gif or jpg? Also mail is probably having trouble with the two dots in the...

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Why can't I attach a photo or document to my yahoo email?

When I try to attach any document to my email it's unsuccessful and tells me ' There was a problem. No file specified. Please try again.' Can anyone help. Also my 'virus scanning temporarily unavailable' is occuring when I try and open a document from...


This is happening to quite a few people, myself included! It happens on my home PC too. I've emailed...

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How Do i attach a scanned document to an email.?

I scanned a document, i went to my control panel and found the document under the button that says scanner. Now that i have found the document , How do i attach the scanned document to an email. There is no button that i can click on to attach the document...


Go directly to the e-mail(google,Hotmail,Yahoo!etc whatever) then click on the 'compose mail'. Then...

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When composing an email I could "Attach photo". This facility no longer appears, only "Attach file". Why?

I found the "Attach photo" facility so easy to use and am really disappointed now it no longer appears. I am really struggling now and find it impossible to attach a photo to a Yahoo email. Is it possible to get the "Attach photo"...


If your photos are stored on a site that supports http like flickr you can right click on the http bar...

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I want to attach my Microsoft word document in yahoo email and I need help?

I want to attach a Microsoft word document in yahoo and send it VIA email. I have Microsoft word 2007 on my HP laptop. What do I save my Microsoft word document as? I know it's .doc, I believe. When I go to click on file and save, I'm not too sure on...


If your document is open, click on Save As and choose 97-2003 Word Document from the drop list then...

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I can't seem to attach a photo from my email program. I hit attach and nothing happens.?

I am trying to send a friend an email with a photo attached. For some reason, I can't get the photo off of Windows Paint.


Could be that your email program has become corrupt, your internet provider can help you with that....

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I can't attach a document from my documents to my email!!!!! THe old yahoo did it immediately?

I try to attach a document of 64 kb and it doesn't attach. The old version attached it immediately. I have a business where I need to repetitively attach documents daily to my more


I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem attaching files to emails you want to send. We are looking...

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What's the best way to attach an open Word document to an open Outlook email?

Using Windows Vista at work: Once I finish making changes to a file in Microsoft Word 2007, I want to attach the file to an email in Outlook 2007. Currently, I am opening subfolder after subfolder getting to it either on the desktop or in the attach...


You can add the same path box to the Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2007. Right-click the toolbar and...

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How do attach a document to an email?

I want to attach a document I have typed to an email address in my yahoo address book . How do I attach it?


Click attach, a drop box will appear. Click the small folder with a green arrow tell the location appears...

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