How do I play YouTube videos on my Samsung Seek?

Let’s learn how do I play YouTube videos on my Samsung Seek. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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The Samsung Seek from sprint is unable to play YouTube videos because it is not a smart phone with its...

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If i buy a memory card for my samsung seek will it be able to play youtube videos on it?

I have a samsung seek and i was wondering about if i buy the memory card than can youtube play on it


no i wount beable to the samsung seek was not made to except videos so dont wast your money on the memory...

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Are you sure you have a data plan enabled? Without one, you won't be able to do anything like use YouTube...

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I cant watch youtube videos on my samsung seek.?

I go into my browser on my samsung seek...i search in apps for the samsung seek...and click on one...and when i find the download link i i cant watch the videos...i go to that website to download videos off of youtube...but is just...


MP4 and 3JP are compatible for the phone ,This Capture Flash Video can convert original streaming videos...

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Why won't my Samsung Seek let play music/videos?

My phone won't let me play videos on youtube or any other website and play music. Sometimes I can't even look at a website because I don't have JavaScript....I tried to download it but my phone won't allow me. and yes I know this is in the wrong catergoy...


the phone wont allow you too because it wasn't made to handle java script so don't bother to try and...

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Why wont my samsung galaxy s let me play youtube videos?

I recently updated my phone to the latest software I have the old samsung not the 2.2 or 2.1 my phone is a year old before the update my phone played youtube videos with ease but now since I have the update it wont play it anymore I have turned it off...


But I can use the internet and also watch the utube videos.Do not have any problem with that.

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How can i play youtube videos in my samsung champ?

Hi im hvng samsung champ C-3303 but i cant play the youtube videos wen im accessing internet through mobile can anyone help me?


You can't. You need a better phone to watch YouTube videos.

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How to play YouTube videos on my SAmsung LED TV?

I'm trying to play videos from my iPod 4 (using my iPod USB cord) on my SAmsung led tv. The salesman told me I could do my owners manual it tells me to go to media play. When I do this and my iPod is plugged in it sais "check up USB device...


Here is a video tutorial about how to get connected to the internet and then to your other devices.

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How can I get youtube videos to play on my phone?

I have a samsung tocco lite, and whenever I try and play a video it buffers then either plays with sound and no picture or plays but sticks and the video goes funny. I have tried to configure my mobile with the youtube mobile settings but I can't get...


Use Youtube for the song's you wont, then open up a new tab go google search "youtube converter...

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