How do I receive hotmail e-mails in Yahoo?

Let’s learn how do I receive hotmail e-mails in Yahoo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Why Hotmail doesnt receive yahoo emails even the yahoo email is added to hotmail address book?

Even though my child's yahoo email is in my hotmail address book as a family contact, I am still not receiving any of her emails. How do I fix this? She is crying because I am not responding to her emails


Make sure the spelling of the email addresses in your daughters address book as well as yours are all...

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Why can't other yahoo mail users (5 Ive checked w/) receive my emails but everyone else can (google, hotmail)

Hello, Since yesterday afternoon, my friends who also have yahoo mail have not been able to receive my messages. However, I do not receive an error message when I send them something. None of them have me blocked or even have spam filters. Also, I have...


Have them check if it's landing in thier Bulk Mail Folder!!!

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Can anyone receive emails from yahoo users in hotmail?

I've used hotmail for years and never have been able to receive any messages from yahoo users. I even have a gmail account that forwards all emails received to my hotmail account. All of those except, of course, yahoo. Does anyone else have this problem...


No Since you have a yahoo account (or you would be on here). add mail as a service. then send a new...

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Why cant I get email from hotmail accounts to my yahoo id? Also did'nt receive many emails 27th-30th June?

I cannot receive email from hotmail users and they get a delivery failure report for last few months. I use my account as a POP account with Outlook and have had no problems in the past few years. I also had a lot of missing emails from 27th June...


Why don't you go to the Feedback page and post your problem to Yahoo Mail. This way they can fix your...

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Why can't I send and receive emails from Yahoo to Hotmail addresses and vice versa - no failed delivery alert

When sending from Hotmail to Yahoo the following message is received: This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination...


I've got the same problem with either delayed notifications and/or failed notifications whenever I email...

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Why is Yahoo not working properly. I cannot receive emails from people with hotmail addresses.?

People with hotmail addresses are not getting through to me. First their messages are delayed then returned. when will this problem be resolved?


yes problem has been known for weeks. Reported to Yahoo and Hotmail, both said to be working on it....

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Cant receive emails in hotmail or yahoo?

i like using survey sites and you have to get a verification to sign up so i sign up and go to confirm the email but there was none in my inbox or junk box so i tried makeing an account using a yahoo email but had the same problem and it isnt just this...


This has been happening for some time now, Yahoo are working on it they say but for now try this.Recommended...

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How can I receive emails from my Hotmail account from my Yahoo?

If not, is there a free program to do this?


Yes you can, if I know what you're talking about. If you have different domains, you cn still send and...

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It very much depends on the phone. There are Yahoo and Hotmail apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry...

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