How do I stop receiving e-mails from Yahoo!Answers?

Let’s learn how do I stop receiving e-mails from Yahoo!Answers. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I want to stop receiving yahoo answers e-mails, how do I go about that?

I HATE junk e-mail. I asked a simple question regarding SPAM and I'm getting e-mails regarding questions and answers about who should get the arm rest at the movies and such. I don't want any of it and I NO LONGER want to get any of this unhelpful yahoo question and answers crap for lack of a better word. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


click on My Profile and then edit my info beside your picture and then go to email settings and there...

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How to stop receiving bogus emails?

I am receiving lots of un reliable emails like for example " your email has won such and such amount.. and so forth. Please help me by not accessing such mails to my email id. (2) I am receiving daily 10-20 emails from SAP users thinking I am an...


report or block them. I did the same and got rid of them.

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How to stop receiving spam emails?

I am receiving lots of spam emails in my yahoo mail. Its like 20-30 emails everyday..I want to stop receiving that. How can I do?


If they're from a recurring address, you can simply mark them as spam and they will automatically be...

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How do I delete myself from LinkedIn and stop receiving emails?

I've done the following: 1. Turned off ALL notifications => kept receiving emails from LinkedIn 2. Deleted the account => keep receiving emails from LinkedIn when someone tries to add me to their circle or something even though technically my...


Even without an account you can receive "invite" emails. On the next one, scroll to the bottom...

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Stop receiving these porn emails?

I have been receiving 2+ of these emails a day. I keep marking them as SPAM but my problem is they come from different emails addresses every time so the spam filter is useless. I know it's being sent from a common source though because the emails are...


Hehehe, your frustration pleases me.

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How do i stop receiving emails from 'freecycle', which is a yahoo group?

i sign'ed up to a group called 'freecycle', but I get about 20 emails a day. i've looked for a way to unsubscribe but can't find one and it's no good junking emails because they all come from personal accounts and so are different each time. What can...


Somewhere within one of the emails you are getting should be a link to the group. You can go to the...

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We stop receiving emails at 11am then receive them 6pm. why?

I manage a small warehouse business and we use yahoo for our email provider. Since July our emails have been delayed from our main customer. Every day we stop getting emails from them around 11am then after hours around 6pm when we are at home we will...


That's a great question Jennifer and we would love to look into this matter for you. The best option...

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How to I stop receiving hacked emails from my contacts?

How do I stop receiving hacked emails from one of my contacts? The contact has already deactivated her yahoo account and I have listed her yahoo eamil as spam but, I keep getting hacked emails under her yahoo account. How can I stop this?


If you are sure that account is closed, Michele, then treat any mail from it as the spam that it is...

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Is there a way to stop Outlook 2007 from receiving emails and just use it to send emails?

The accounting software I am using will only let me send emails from the program using outlook. What I would like is for this to still happen, but I don't want outlook to receive any emails, I want that to be handled by the google mail interface. Is...


Open Outlook > Tools > Options > Other tab > "Unchecked box" Make Outlook the...

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How do I stop receiving Yahoo Answers emails?

Right after I ask a question I will get emails telling me to choose a best answer and I will get emails related to my answers as well. I know how to browse my questions and answers, I don't need Yahoo spamming my inbox with crap I already know. I unchecked...


The only notification email you can stop is the one telling you that there are new answers to your question...

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