How do I stop malicious e-mails?

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How do I stop malicious e-mails? | Yahoo Answers

How do I stop malicious e-mails? Asking a Christian to stop forwarding e-mails to an Athiest...? How can I stop my account sending spam e-mails? More ...

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How do you stop abusive, malicious emails from somebody in another country?

Somebody my friend used to know from his college days (more than 20 years ago) has started sending him abusive and malicious emails and cc-ed some people from his work and neighborhood. This abusive e-mailer is from another country. How should he tackle...


just block their email address so you won't receive them anymore

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How can I stop someone who has broken into my address book from sending out emails using my email address ?

To Yahoo, Recently I sent out 50-60 emails from my address book. I was told by all of the senders that each email also included a message (which I did not write or authorize) that included a link. Many of the links were to pharmaceutical companies advertising...


RUN, don't walk to set up a new account, quickly, and warn all your contacts from your new account....

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Yahoo blocks all emails from a company that I do business with, how do I make it stop?

I do business with a company and they send me emails quite frequently. The problem is that I never get the emails. If they send the same email to a gmail, live or hotmail, it works fine, but when they send it to yahoo it never shows up. It does not show...


If the company knows that anyone using Yahoo does not get emails from them, the ball is in their court...

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I deleted a member's record, but she still gets emails. How can I stop the emails?

A member wanted to stop the emails for other members of my group. First, I set her email option to "No Emails". That didn't work. Then, I deleted her membership record. That didn't even work. What's up? How can I stop the emails from other...


some times those changes can take up to 24 hrs to reflect, and the member would just need to be patient...

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How do I stop emails being sent to my contacts with my email even though I closed my gmail account?

For the last three months at least one person from my family is receiving emails with my email address that contain links to solicitous and harmful web sites. They are all smart enough not to open them, but the emails keep coming; even after marking...


There is no way to stop a spoofed email address. If I had it I could send email with it as the FROM...

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How can I be getting emails addressed to someone else and how do I stop this?

I am getting mail in my junk inbox, but the Email address says its being sent to someone else. My Email name do not appear in the "sent from" or "To" in the emails I keep receiving. I have tried to block where they are being "...


Try changing your password and see if that helps. If not you might have to abandon that email and make...

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How to stop recieving emails from yahoo! answers?

right after i ask a Qn i will get emails telling me to choose a best answer n i will get emails related to my answers as well. i know how to browse my Qns & Ans, i don't need yahoo! spamming my inbox with crap i already know. i unchecked options...


Filter them, took me awhile to find this answer too..

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How can I stop and/or filter harassing emails?

How can I stop emails in my spam folder that are sexual in nature ie: "Sexy, lonely housewives" or "Penis Enlargment" ? I have visited the links to try to find out how to be removed from the mailing list, but they bring me a web page...


I set my Spam filter to delete upon entry so I never see it any more. But that's up to you. If you think...

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How do I stop my emails from Hotmail on my iPhone 4S being deleted?

Hi! I have this problem that's been annoying me to the max. I have a iPhone 4S and I have a Yahoo and a Hotmail account running on my phone. How do I stop my hotmail emails being deleted? My emails from Yahoo seem fine and they don't delete but it's...


You should alter the settings of your hotmail account (i.e. not your iphone settings), so log into Hotmail...

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