How do I retrieve a URL in Java?

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How do I retrieve a URL from a web site using Java?

I want to use HTTP GET and POST commands to retrieve URLs from a website and parse the HTML. How do I do this?


You can use HttpURLConnection in combination with URL. URL url = new URL(""...

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Need a re-write of a Java / Python Spider

Specifically for efn-ga, however, as he may not want to do it, everyone with Java and Python skills is welcome to give it a go. I need a re-write of a Java / Python spider that I wrote myself. I've been tweaking it off and on as time permits, however...


Dear coolguy90210, Among the posts you made above after I had posted my multi-threaded Spider code...

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Querying Google from Java program (URL, openStream())

I try to send a query directly to Google with java program and receive the results(not using Google API). Here is the (part of) java code that I was created for the purpose. String urlName = "://"; URL url = new...


Hi mrz I strongly suspect that there is nothing wrong with your code; rather it is Google's policy...

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URL Stream Text in java?

Hello am trying to make a news feed am having problems making a loop that displays next line in a text file. i can only make it go though first line i tryed alot of things i tryed making a array list and display like that. nothing worked. anyone can...


Try this first just to make sure you're seeing any data from your stream. This reads in characters without...

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How can I encode URL in java?

I have an url like the one below, http://example-server:8080/v1?url=  How can i encode the above url completely  I tried with but it didn't encode the url completely  can someone...


URLEncoder.encode() works just fine: import; import; public...

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WordPress Plugin Development: How do I retrieve the destination url of a redirected page with wp_remote_head()?

The following function returns the url of a redirected page. function get_destination_url_curl( $url ) { $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url ); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, true); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, false...


wp_remote_head() should return a 'location' index in the resulting array... $result = wp_remote_head...

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Is this a browser redirect or legit URL for Java?

I installed the newest Java update today 6 Update 21. I went directly to to do so. But I noticed in my internet connections the following url along with (I'm putting some spaces here so nobody accidentally clicks on it) sunmicro-2....


The real Java site is I don't get directed to the site you mention. Does not...

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Is there an open source URL manipulation library in Java?

The requirements: Conversion to/from String, like Extraction and manipulation of parameters, both query and hash (for JavaScript apps) Access to the parts of the URL: scheme, host, path


Adam is correct in that there is no single library that does everything you want. The class...

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How can I simulate the behavior of curl -k <url> in Java?

I'm trying to poll a HTTPS URL on a local server, but cannot due to security certificate issues. If I try to 'curl' it on CLI, still it would complain. See here: Software Engineering: What is the cause of this exception, which happens when I try to open...


You can use SSLSocketFactory in connection with HTTPSURLConnection as described here How do I accept...

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Why does java script deny URL/links?

On some websites on specific links/buttons (ex: The button to print on yahoo mail and the search button on addicting games) do not work. I checked java script (it was on) and there were a lot of errors with URLs This is what it said: Unsafe JavaScript...


That's weird

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