How do I change a URL for?

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How can I change the page URL without refreshing the page?

How do I change the URL without refreshing the page? I've built a website with CodeIginer and I want to implement AJAX and JQuery in one of my pages. The problem is; when I load the content, the URL doesn't change. Let's say that I have the URL And another URL : How can I change the first URL to the second one when I click a button?


In HTML5 you can change the URL: window.history.pushState("object or string", "Title...

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I want to change my url ( plz suggest me how i do change my url)?

I want to change my url ( plz suggest me how i do change my url) according to me if i chage my url my page rank will become zero ) plz help me and suggest me


You'd need to buy a new domain name to get a different URL.

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How can i change my myspace url?

I have that stupid myspace 2.0 thing... i want to know how to change the url, and YES i know you CAN change it, so those of you who say you cant then dont answer this question. i have a friend whos changed his url twice, and i have a bunch of friends...


you cant change your url if you have one already, if you had 1.0 once you CAN change back but not if...

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How to give 301 redirect to change old url to new url in PHP CodeIgniter?

I want to redirect Page on Example to Page on Example. contact_form is controller name.. need to replace underscore with hyphen so as to make the URL SEO friendly..


Add this to your routes.php $routes['contact-form'] = 'contact_form'; Go check out the defining routes...

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Is it possible to change a facebook group page URL as an admin, and if so, how?

have a guild group on FB for my WoW guild and im trying to make the URL easier for everyone to access it. im not too good with facebook and im wondering if you are able to change the URL similar to how you change people's URL on their page.


NO you cant change the url once you set it

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Tumblr help!!? How to change URL?

I wanna change my URL, nd when I go to the settings and insert the new URL and click save, it says please enter a valid url. help??


Well make sure you don't add a hyphen ( - ) in the front or else it wont work, other then that there...

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How to change the url that appears when i chat on windows live messenger?

Hi, I know that you can change the name of the url on the forum this way [url=][/url] then the people think it is youtube, they click and they see more


they dont support html , but if you need to hide the link for some reason you can use urlcut...

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How do you change my myspace e-mail/url?

hi first of all i wanna change my myspace e-mail its and i wanna change the and second of all i wanna change my url its mrzlashley and i also wanna change that


hi ok i dont know about the email thing, but as for the url you cant change it. once its been made,...

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How do I change my Tumblr URL?

I have read online how to change it but I just can't find the place where you are supposed to change it. When I go to Cutsonize blog the only thing that it seems to want to let me change is the HTML... Also on my Preferences page there is nothing (that...


From your dashboard, click the title of your blog -- such as, if you labeled your blog "my blog...

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you go on your dashboard and click on your profile dashboard( the title right next to dashboard) then...

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