How do I save/transfer old Yahoo email to my computer?

Let’s learn how do I save/transfer old Yahoo email to my computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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The E-mail is save at the website you can download it any time and anywhere it is the same but for the...

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Download contents of Yahoo email folders to my computer for archiving?

Hi, Asked this question a few months ago and got couple of unfortunately unhelpful answers. Given all the new Yahoo features, is there now a simple way to download a Yahoo folder's worth of email to my computer for archiving purposes. I've been on Yahoo...


Moving or copying the contents of any email account to your computer for archiving, is the same as saying...

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I cannot open Yahoo email on my work computer?

I can open my yahoo email from my home laptop but not from my work computer. Yahoo messenger works fine. I cleaned the cache and temporary files and even upgraded to IE 7 and it will not display my email. I get the screen that says "Internet Explorer...


I agree, many companies and corporations block email and other sites that they do not want employees...

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How can I download email from Yahoo to my computer without having an email client on my computer?

I want to save the emails from my Yahoo account to my personal computer, but I don't have Thunderbird or other email client installed on my computer. Is there a way I can just download all the emails in my Yahoo account to my personal computer?


print your e-mail to a file or download a free pop client or open each message and cut and past into...

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I didnt terminate my email pw peaches50 on septembe21,2011 my computer was broke and has?

on september 21,2011 ididnt terminate email pw peaches50 or my other 4 email addresses but please at least keep my abrahapaula@yahoo.commy computer had a virus and no security somebody else did that not me i wasnt home then i wouldnt...


Its only you who can close an email address. Keep your password safe and secure and make sure no one...

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A friend used my computer to look in her email. Now I can't get into my Yahoo email, I keep getting her's?

I have email account that I share with my sister for our rental cottage. Last week a friend was over and used my computer to check her email. Now when I go into, her account/email comes up! How do I get rid of her email and get back to mine...


try and get a new Passward. Sign up for new password.

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Computer freezes up when I am on Yahoo email?

Sometimes I can not recieve Yahoo, I have to try over & over . Sometimes there is nothing & sometimes it pops up but is blank except for the tool bar. When I go onto my Yahoo email, and I click onto the email, and I read it & click on something...


Sounds like you have a bug in the computer. Run adwareSE which is free or which is also free...

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How did my computer become infected.....I only use my Yahoo email address for Q&A?

Bomgar removed 176 infections from my computer this morning. (my computer was very slow and freezing up). I don't surf on this computer. I only use it for info off the AT&T Homepage and my Yahoo inbox. I asked the technician if answering a question...


I have just gone through and am still experiencing problems with my computer that is only a year old...

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Cant attach emails in my yahoo email on ANY computer. Yahoo troubleshooting did not help. what do I do?

My yahoo account cannot attach emails. I have multiple yahoo accounts for our office. This is the only account that can't attach files. All others can. Cleared cookies/temp files. Tried different browsers. Even tried on a different computer out of the...


It seems to be the latest Yahoo glitch, anything attachment related seems to be very much pear shaped...

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I cannot delete or reply to my yahoo email on my computer but others can on there yahoo email?

Everyone else who attempts to check there yahoo email have no problems but it will not let me delete, reply and it will let me read it but it remains as an unread email and when i click to do any of those it does nothing and sometimes at the bottom it...


Some people say that you would need to install the latest version of Javascript.

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