How can i eliminate my old yahoo email account?

Let’s learn how can i eliminate my old yahoo email account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I eliminate Yahoo messenger from my Yahoo email account?

I don't want Yahoo messenger on my Yahoo email account any more. How can I get rid of it? I tried the suggestion someone else made a couple of years ago to uninstall it from my program files, but it's not installed on my computer. It must be on the Yahoo...


You can not eliminate it since it if part of the Yahoo Mail website. To turn it off click on the icon...

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How can I eliminate the latest spam advertising appearing as the last message in my yahoo email account?

this has recently started to occur and is an unacceptable nuisance - I will cancel my yahoo account if there is no way to stop it from happening


Let me offer a way out of the sponsored advertisements, that work with the following browsers, and Adblock...

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You have two different ways in which you can close out your account. The first way is not to use it...

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Want to completely eliminate a screen name from my Yahoo email account?

get too much junk mail. want to delete that screenname and start a new one that will be my default when I open Yahoo


Open the NEW one first, transfer any contacts -- and remember if you delete your email account, you...

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How can I block my ymail account from receiving unwanted emails from an annoying ex's email address?

Is there any way I can go into my yahoo/ymail email account settings and block emails from a particular sender and specific email address? I don't want to entertain my ex's obnoxious emails at all. I don't even want to see 1 email from him in my Inbox...


If you want him to receive that message, send it (with all his other information and the mail body deleted...

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My email account might be compromised by fraud. How do I change it to another on Yahoo?

I want to keep my Yahoo folders and eliminate the old email address filing all messages under the new Yahoo account. Thanks.


How to change your password, secret question and answer ==

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I have a yahoo id but an email, how do I change it to a yahoo email addy?

My yahoo id is kateslegacy, and when I try to set up a free yahoo account it tells me that the email addy/yahoo id is taken... well yeah, it's mine. When I log in to yahoo as kateslegacy it directs me to my email account. I'm unable to...


I don't think that you can change the ending that is the same problem I had and couldn't change it

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How to disable a yahoo email account?

I want to eliminate my old yahoo email account and set up a new one. I have the new account set up. How do I get rid of my old account?


Here two ways: First way is not to use it for 4 months and Yahoo! will deactivate it due to inactivity...

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Why is my Yahoo Mail account blocked with "Technical Difficulties" screen almost every day now?

Yesterday, Sat 12/17/2011 I was without my email for at least 13 hours. Over the 30 day period immediately prior my account was inaccessible for shorter intervals (from 1 to 5 hours each) almost every day. Does this mean my account has been hacked? What...


There are dozens of problems. Yahoo is redesigning its home page and it is causing disruptions throughout...

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way to eliminate 4,000 yahoo emails?

the account was not used of 1 or 2 months. When reopened these units of garbage were displayed. I wish to eliminate all read or unread email in yahoo prior to 9-25-08.


Click on select all and click delete...for Bulk mail just click on empty

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