How can i download the old yahoo toolbar?

Let’s learn how can i download the old yahoo toolbar. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I get yahoo tool bar back? I have windowsME and cannot download newest toolbar. cannot restore old one?

something got deleted or erased with yahoo toolbar and I cannot get it back on. Please help this little old lady of 61 years. Thank you.


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How can I download yahoo toolbar onto my new computer that has google toolbar? How can I changed toolbars?

when I try to download yahoo toolbar an message came up that says unable to download due to not knowing the publisher or product? Why am I having problems getting yahoo toolbar again?


if you want to get rid of google toolbar go into programs, add remove programs, you will be able to...

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How can I download Yahoo Featured Services? I'm having difficulty downloading "Yahoo Toolbar" ?

I'm having difficulty downloading Yahoo Featured Services such as, Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer


Go to Yahoo!'s home page (make sure you have the correct one for your country so that you get the correct...

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How do I download the Yahoo toolbar old version without updating my browser?

I got a new computer and want to download the yahoo toolbar again, but when I try it, I am prompted to update my browser to the new IE7. I don't want to update, but I need my more

Answer: You dont have to download google if you dont want it.You dont need to have...

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I have a new computer and I want to download the old Yahoo toolbar without all the new frills.How do I do this

I just want to add the old toolbar to my new Computer without having Yahoo as my home page. Thanks. Meredith


There is no way to get the "old" toolbar from Yahoo! because they only support the latest...

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Yahoo Toolbar has deleted all my bookmarks. How can I get them back? Download doesnt work.?

All my bookmarks have disappeared. I downloaded the new Yahoo toolbar, but the bookmarks are gone. They are still on the Yahoo bookmarks website, but when I download them they do more


Finally someone has a reason the bookmarks don't work. Why couldn't Yahoo have told us this?

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I need a Yahoo toolbar on my homepage. How can I download one?

I had a Yahoo toolbar on my homepage but when my computer went goofy it disappeared. Now I don't know how to "reappear" it and I WANT IT BACK!!! Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


go to on the bottom left box there is "downloads" Good Luck

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How can I download the yahoo toolbar to this account.?

My wife & I have seperate accounts. How can I install yahoo toolbar on my account?


Simply find the sign in tab on the toolbar and sign in there. Customize it for you account and it will...

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How do I download the OLD yahoo toolbar?

i really hate this new one! Why didn't they just upgrade it by adding new things! i hate that I have to go to go through EXTRA steps to do ONE thing now! How do I get the old one back?


You don't get the old one back. I guess you're stuck!

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How can i download the yahoo toolbar?

I already had it before, and it says i cant download it but i have to rerun it from the administraters account and i dont understand that or know how to do it.


You need to be logged into the computer as an Administrator. If you are logged in as a 'normal' user...

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