How do I set up e-mail address?

Let’s learn how do I set up e-mail address. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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you can just go into the mail and click create an account.then it will ask you to give some...

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How to set up windows live email address on windows live mail?

I am trying to set up a email address on windows live mail. I have got this set up on my laptop which is running Windows XP. I cannot get the same email address to work on the desktop which is running Windows Vista. I have copied the...


To set up a POP3 configuration for one account on two computers, you need to remember to select the...

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How can I set up a proxy email address?

I want to set up two email addresses. One that I will sign into (primary address) and one that will route emails (proxy address) to my primary address. So, people would email my proxy, which would then forward the email to my primary, keeping my primary...


I have some good proxy email address which is the best for using. Look at here bellow.

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How can I set up my personal email address on my Blackberry Curve?

I got a new Blackberry Curve (AT&T) and it has the option to set up email if I have a work email address--asks for the password or security code for the email account--but no option for my personal email address. I only have a personal email address...


Go to email settings. Than to "add an email account"

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In Gmail, how do I set my email address as default (FROM ADDRESS) when sending mails to others?

When I send emails to my friends using my Gmail account, they receive it with my nickname eg: Player and my email address is not visible in the From address. I don't know how I set that nickname, but I want to delete it now. How can I set my Gmail, so...


Sureshot Settings - how to remove your NickName- gmail - settings - accounts - send mail as - Update...

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How do i set up a new yahoo email address for my daughter please?

I have my own email address on yahoo. my daughter wants to have her own so that she can register on facebook, she can't use my email address as i have facebook and it won't let me set up a facebook account for her, using my email address, she needs to...


All the other YAs are correct. Since it sounds like you are going to be sharing the 1 PC, don't check...

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How to set up outlook express email address?

Just had a new pc Windows xp and now need to set Email address for outlook express,does anyone know how its done? and do you know if i can use my previous Email address as i had on my old pc? i already have one Email address from my internet provider...


You are confusing email addresses and email programs. A program such as Outlook Express can handle POP...

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How to set up yahoo email to put different email address in "from" field when using Outlook 2007?

I have outlook 2007 set up to receive email from my yahoo account. It works just fine. However, the issue I'm having is when I send an email from Outlook I want the email address more


Do you have all your email accounts set up in Outlook? If so, there will obviously be a default address...

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Will email sent to a yahoo groups email address be forwarded to the group owners? How can this be set up?

I have a yahoo groups email address and wnat people to be able to email that address and then have the email forwarded to me (the owner) or at least display somewhere in an inbox -- more


Is your group moderated? If it's moderated, all incoming messages will go to the mods/owners first,...

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How to set recipient email address for Yahoo Calendar reminders. And can 2 address be set?

Calendar allows sending reminders for events such as birthdays, however, the only address in the check box selection is not the one I want. Also I want to use non Yahoo email address


Maybe you can't do that..

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