How do I start off as a CNA?

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Is cna a good start to nursing career?

im getting certified as a cna in 5 weeks then getting a job at a hospital is this a good start to find out what nursing is like and also will i make ok money i have no bills except more


Considering that most RN programs require you hold your CNA license before you can start the nursing...

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How much do cna's start out making at salem village nursing home in joliet, IL?

I applied here about 4 days ago for a CNA position and I think I might get the job because they are hurting for people from what I heard but I also have an interview at another long term care facility and the pay is how I'm going to decide where I'm...


I'm not sure, but I have heard that it's not enough. I've had a few friends that have worked there and...

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How much does a CNA start off making in south florida?

Any places that start off at $12-$15??


look up in google ....

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Is being a cna a good start to be a nurse?

I want to be a cna so when i start nursing school i csn pay for it. Do you get paid enough to be a cna? Please help


Well, most schools in my area require the students to be STNAs now or at least have taken the class...

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What does North Carolina start their CNA's at? Looking for the Wilmngton, NC Area?

We are looking at moving to the Wilmington, NC area and I'm trying to find what they start their CNA's at or Nurse Aide 1's at. Thanks


That would depend on the employer.Not every place pays the same.

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When can I start working after I get my CNA?

I'm about to take a CNA class, and after I take the test, get my certification and register as a nursing aid in my state (Wisconsin), can I start working immediately? Or is there more


Yes you can work immediately

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I start training for CNA in a couple weeks...can anyone tell me what to expect?

I am in nursing school right now, but still doing my pre-reqs. I wanted to get a jump start in the medical field, so I applied at a nursing home as a CNA, and I got the job. I am more


getting people ready for the day...getting them dressed, brushing their teeth, taking them to the bathroom...

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I'm going to start school for my CNA..?

But can I just take the state exam with out going to the classes or is it mandatory that you take the classes then take the state exam. Do you know of any CNA classes I can take online also?


Taking the test without going through the class is like baking cookies without getting all the ingredients...

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Can you become an RN if you start out as a CNA?

Job Corps has a CNA programs and some of them have LPN programs. But I don't want to be stuck at that level all my life. I want to move up to RN. I've heard they have LPN to more


The great thing about being a CNA is that if you get a job in a nursing home, many of them will actually...

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Do a lot of nurses start out as a CNA and work there way up to RN?

Or do they just take the prerequisites and apply to RN program.... because my friend is considering doing the bridge programs(CNA to LPN to RN) she can work and go to school more


There is no bridge program between CNA and LPN. If your friend is aiming to bean RN she should apply...

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