How do I transfer songs from my Ipod to Computer?

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How do I transfer songs from an Ipod to my computer?

I found an 8GB nano in the grocery store last week, I let the manager know that I found it and he told me to wait about a week and if nobody claims it, then I can keep it if I wanted. Surprisingly, I never had an Ipod before bc I felt like I would never use it. But this one has a small FM transmitter attached so I can play it in the car. If it wasn't for that, I'd probably just sell it. ******So this Ipod has over 1500 songs already on there any way I can transfer these to be played on my...


download Floola...thats the only way to get songs from an ipod onto a computer.

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How can I transfer songs that were from a CD and were on my iPod to a computer?

I have about 60-70 songs on my iPod from a CD that i downloaded to it from a PC. I just recently switched to my moms computer, which is a Mac, and i signed into my account which gave me ALL my songs from my dads PC on my moms Mac. The only ones that...


Your question is somewhat confusing. As long as you have Itunes loaded on a computer and it has a library...

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How can i transfer songs from computer to ipod?

i just bought an ipod nano today, and it doesn't have any file so i have to install songs to it. But i don't know how to do it. i have songs in my laptop, i already install an itunes program. i have other questions, since i am new to this kind of thing...


Ok...all you have to do is 1) Open Itunes 2) Take the USB cable that came with your ipod and use it...

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I just got an iPod. How do I transfer songs from my computer on to the iPod?

How do I transfer the songs that I've gotten (not from iTunes) to my iPod? The songs I'd like to put on my iPod are downloaded from Walmart or CDs I've owned previously, so how do I transfer? Thanks for your help!


follow these directions if you already have music downloaded in your computer: plug your ipod usb to...

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My husband gave me his IPOD and he got a MP3 player. How do I transfer his songs to our computer?

Whenever I try to transfer his library that is already on the IPOD to our computer it tells me that the computer isn't authorized. I've authorized my computer like 4 times and it still won't let me transfer the songs. I don't just want to delete them...


You need a special software to transfer the songs from your iPod to your computer. Unfortunately, I...

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My computer has somehow wiped my itunes folder. How do I transfer the songs from my ipod to my computer?

My whole itunes library is still showing on my ipod, but itunes on my computer is empty. None of the songs on my ipod were bought from itunes - all came from pre-recorded CDs I owned. How do I get the songs on my ipod back onto my computer without losing...


Tansee iPod Transfer can backup songs and videos in iPod to PC, copy iPod songs and videos to new ipod...

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How do you transfer songs from your ipod to a new computer without losing your songs?

I have a new computer however, it is not the computer that I used to load the songs on to my ipod. I have over 6000 songs on my ipod and don't want to lose them. My old computer was destroyed. Thanks,


Use this iPod-to-computer transfer - Tansee iPod Transfer. It has helped me transfer all songs on iPod...

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How can i transfer my songs from my ipod on to my computer? i had a virus on my computer and i had to delete everything. and i accidently deleted my songs on my profile. but it is on my ipod. and i dowloaded idump to put my songs from my ipod to my computer. but for some reason it cannot locate my ipod...


Go here… Switch the iPod to manual update and enable...

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How can I transfer the songs on my iPod to my computer ?

My old computer is not working anymore and that computer had all my iPod songs in it. But now that I have a new computer I don't have any songs in it. Except that my iPod still has my old songs. I want a way to download them back on the computer ? Can...


use ipod rip. i think it's free for the first ten uses. it's available for both mac and windows pc....

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New Ipod Touch + New Laptop: How to transfer songs from old Ipod & old computer?

I use to use my old Nano on my old computer and now i have my new Ipod Touch & Laptop, how can i transfer all my old playlists,etc to my new computer / Ipod? All my songs are saved more


If they are saved to your external hardrive just connect your external hardrive to your new laptop....

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