How do I use yahoo mail to send free text messages to mobile phones?

Let’s learn how do I use yahoo mail to send free text messages to mobile phones. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I use Yahoo mail to send free text messages to mobile phones?

When I entered a phone number all I get is this error message: There was a problem: Either there is a syntax error in one of your address fields, or you have used a nickname which is not in your Address Book. Please enter a valid e-mail address (e.g., in the format or use a nickname from your Yahoo! Address Book. Your message has not been sent.


I came here looking for the same answer. It looks like they are still yet to implement the feature but...

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Can I use my PC to send a text message using Yahoo e-mail? I want to send a text to a cell phone using my PC?

I heard that you can use your yahoo e-mail to send and receive text messages sent from a cell phone. Is this true? If so how can I do this


Yes you can. For T-Mobile, you would send an e-mail to I'm not sure...

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I use Windows Mail - what settings do I need to use to get it to send yahoo mail messages?

I can get Windows Mail to download emails, but not to send


For yahoo mail you need upgrade to yahoo mail plus to get the full pop3 service for access to Outlook...

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Does it cost to send text messages from Yahoo Mail?

You know how it says "new email, text message..." will it cost to send texts


No, not if you have regular Yahoo email. If you have specialized or business accounts, it cost you a...

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Can you still send text messages to cell phones from Yahoo Messenger on your PC?

I have one of the recent version of Yahoo Messenger and can't seem to figure out how to do this. It used to be really easy. Thanks for your help in advance.


well under acxtions it still shows send sms

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Can't send im or text(sms) messages from new yahoo mail inbox.?

there used to be a drop box next to the compose message where a drop box had options to em,im or sms(text) and it doesn't show up on my computer while it does on other computers. any suggestions?


windows 9? What in gods name are you talking about?

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Can you use yahoo mail to send a text to a phone?

where can you send texts from pc


Well i'm not sure about pics from pc to phone. Usually i just take a picture of the screen with my phone...

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How can I send SMS messages to Verizon phones from Yahoo Messenger 10?

Those I'm sending messages to can all receive SMS text messages and one even sent herself an SMS message from YM, but my messages don't go through. I get no errors, even after sending more than 3 messages without a reply. They've reset their phones as...


On your Mail page's Chat app, click on the downward facing arrow and scroll to Available to open your...

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Yahoo mail keeps sending messages to my contacts that I didn't send.?

My yahoo email account sent two emails (one yesterday and one today) to everyone on my contacts list. I was using a friend's e-reader yesterday to send an email and last night my mother rang to say she got an email from me that just contained a website...


Yes your email has been hacked change the password.

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I switched to use gmail w/my Yahoo group, now I am not receiving e-mails I send. All other messages are fine.

I just switched my e-mail to a gmail account. I have verified the new e-mail address. I can send messages and they arrive at the group. I can recieve messages from the group. However, I am not recieving messages from myself. They are not in my spam folder...


I don't use Gmail often, however it is said for whatever reason, you never get your own posts- others...

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