How do I write a search page?

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How to write Pagination logic?

Can anyone provide some idea/logic to write the pagination logic for the search page i am working on? The information i have is total number of pages for that search- 10 records per page also i am been sent the both the previous and next page number(no problem writing the logic all i need to do i pull that info and populate. I am also getting the info which page i am on. I can only display 10 pages like below <previous 1 |2 |3 | 4| 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 next> Say if total pages are 15 and...


Here is how I would implement it: It is generally a good idea to create a Filter class that filters...

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How can I restore my clients Facebook Fan Page after a spammer took control and Facebook deleted it?

Dear Facebook, I am a singer, actor, and dancer with a long career beginning with Madonna in 1991 and including Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Cher, Rihanna, Prince, and Lady Gaga and others to the present day. (Kevin Stea, aka That Rogue Romeo, owner...


If you have copyright or trademark material on that site that is being used without your consent, you...

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What is the best WordPress plugin to stop robots which use a script to write comments as if they were human?

These robots seem to exist for the sole purpose of getting a commercial entered by user name and/or website address.  Some idiot fed the following script to a buggy program, which didn't randomly select between the alternatives, but included them all...


Install Akismet plugin which will help you prevent spam

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Why do the "verbatim search" feature in Google often produce many more hits than a "plain" simple search?

1) I always thought that searching on "read" would force Google to search for that set of four letters exactly. {And this search yields 6.74 billion hits} But Google help seems to imply now that "read" (or perhaps only when quote...


We are used to Google being perfect, so when it doesn't seem to work perfectly, it can send people crazy...

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How do i create a web page that opens other websites up via a link on my page in a window on the same(my)-?

page. or more precisely what html code do i use to accomplish this. If you use dreamweaver please tell me how to accomplish this in dreamweaver. for an example of what i mean go to torrentscan dot com and write something in the search bar there and notice...


Hi Joeish, This is achieved using a html element known as an iFrame. An iFrame allows another page to...

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Google search for a non-profit family website placement.

Up until a few days ago, my non-profit family website www.Evatt.Org was number #3 after a Google search was made using the surname "Evatt". Now, when a search is performed using the name "Evatt", the INDEX page is not listed at all...


Hi Danny, Firstly, let me reassure you that your site has not been altogether dropped from the Google...

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Help me write a script that could search the Mefi database and load results into SQL/MT database

I want to update the MetaFilter: The Taglines page, but really really don't feel like doing it the hard way again. It occured to me that it would probably be easy to write a script to search the database for me and load the relevant bits into the database...


Well, y6y6y6 just wrote a script to scrape the whole of ask mefi into a database (see the metatalk thread...

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Our site appears on first page on Google in One Country, but not in other countires. What should we do to get on first page in all countries?

We started with a site focused on India. We rank quite well on revenue generating keywords in India. We write a lot of blogs, create financial models and make them open source (This content and has an international appeal). This does generate quite some...


The answer depends on the way that you structured your site. You should use *sitename*.com as your main...

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How does a web page interact with a server to parse a dynamic JSON file?

Trying to identify what knowledge I am missing here. So that I know what tutorials to looks for. My goal is to have a page load dynamic content into a web page from a JSON file. I  already set up the templating system using MustacheJS. I know how to...


It's going to depend a lot on what you have technology-wise on the ...

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