How do i download sent attachments?

Let’s learn how do i download sent attachments. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I download pictures sent as attachments in e-mails?

I receive pictures sent as an attachment when I receive e-mails from friends but I can't open them or see them when I click or right click on them


right click and download the file

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I cant download any attachments on emails sent to my yahoo account - help!?

I have recently deleted some old programmes off my computer that i haven't used in months/years - could i have deleted somethign in error? I have also just installed Norton internet security 2008. other than that there are no changes that have happened...


This isn't an answer - sorry - I can't download any attachments from yahoo either, although I can access...

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I can't download any attachments that are being sent to me on my yahoo mail on my computer....?

Ever since my computer went into be fixed from a virus I can't download any attachments sent to me through my Yahoo mail. I know the attachments are fine because they all work on my more


Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. Suggested cures range from Update Adobe Flash Player...

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Why can't I see my pics sent as attachments? I click download, show preview pops up but no pic? help me ty!

I just can't see the pics my brother sent me of his new grandchild. LIke I said. I click download, see preview pops up, with no pic in it then the download disapears. I tried to open them from saved files also but that doesn't work either. Please Help...


Go to your email options and make sure you haven't ticked block HTML graphics in Security. If you have...

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How to Download Yahoo Sent Attachments?

Hi there... i desperately need to recover a short novel i wrote for a contest. I sent it to my teacher and the mail is still there , with thy attachment. How can i download it ? Please i need it urgently !


A Yahoo posting suggests that you disable scanning attachments in your anti virus software.If that fails...

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Why cant I download and view any attachments that are sent to me?

Im trying to download and view word attachments that are emailed to me and yahoo keeps saying they cant find it...then when i try to attach one myself it wont let me..I have all the upgraded material like word 2007..ect


What kind of computer are you using. Some computers will lag on big files such as pictures. As for trying...

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I am unable to open or download Documents that are sent to me as E-mail attachments?

Can you give me some ways to trouble shoot this so I can try to get the download capability back as soon as possible? Also, I am not sure what browser I am on, is there a way I can switch to Firefox browser? Please get back to me- Thanks for your help...


It seems to be the latest Yahoo glitch, anything attachment related seems to be very much pear shaped...

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Why can't i download and/or view pictures sent as attachments?

i click on download button and little blue line at bottom does its thing and then it says "done" in lower left of screen, but i get no picture.


Your system won't allow you to open that file because there is a virus attached to that email. You don...

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How can I reduce size of photos sent as attachments as they are HUGE, far too long to download etc!?

When using hotmail to send photos, they are automatically reduced and are downloaded quite quickly. Is there anything to use which will reduce the size in YAHOO?


right click on the photo, open with,,, paint click image tab stretch/skew, change it to 20x20 click...

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Here's a link for system requirements:… And assuming...

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