How do i get an internet connection for my ps2?

Let’s learn how do i get an internet connection for my ps2. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Final Fantasy X is not online, it costs $20 now. Final Fantasy XI is online, costs $12/month plus game...

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Can I get a router and wireless adapter to connect my PS2 to my internet connection on my computer? THANKS!!!

I don't know much about computers, but can't I set up the router to my computer / internet connection and then plug in the USB adapter to my PS2 and be able to play online and have my computer connected to the internet at the same time? I don't want...


sure! I wouldnt get a wireless connection with the PS2 though, it lags enough already and with a wireless...

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change the last number in the ip addres string to be a eperate number.. such as the pc:

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Why doesn't my PS2 get internet connection with Comcast?

I had att dsl... everything worked great...just switched to comcast cable connection works perfect...unplugged ethernet cord and plugged into PS2...ran the ISP setup disk creating new connection with auto settings, etc. When I get...


sorry but you need a router

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Is it possible to reverse the internet connection through my ethernet plug-in on the back of my PC?

I have a wireless internet card set up in one of my PCI slots and am currently not using the ethernet port. My computer is picking up the internet connection via the wireless router built-in to my girlfriend's Mac computer. I also have my PS2 hooked...


I think i understand what u what to do,if not you want to use the wireless connection u recieve...

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Question about hooking ps2 to the internet?

First off i have a modem that will only connect to one thing which is my computer but i have two ethernet ports on my computer. One is for internet the other is for networking, so i was wondering can i just hook my ps2 and my computer together using...


ok, connect ure ps2 to the computer and use the computer to connect to a modem, then u have to click...

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Can I get my Playstation 2 to connect to the internet through my laptop computer?

My laptop is connected to the internet through a wireless connection. I would like to be able to run an ethernet cable (or USB cable) from my laptop to my PS2 & get internet access more


Yes you can but don t you need a modem or wireless router to connect to the internet and then you would...

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