How do i make a picture for this?

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How can i make a picture my facebook profile picture without losing the comments?

I uploaded a picture into my 'mobile uploads' folder, and got a few likes and comments, now i want to make the picture my profile picture without losing the likes and comments. I realise if i do this by clicking 'make profile picture' then i will still...


It's not possible without personal computer of laptop.

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How do I make "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" my default viewer again?

I realized I could open pictures in Microsoft Picture Manager, so I opened a picture and played with it. Now whenever I double click on a picture in my Pictures file, it always opens in the Picture Manager. How do I make the Windows Picture and Fax viewer...


Hold down the shift key, right click on the file and choose Open With -> Choose Program. When the...

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How do I make my REAL picture become my Picture on this.?

see how it doesn't show anything.. how do i make it my REAL picture. and when i click to make it my 360 picture it says my 360 is privite. how do i make it NOT privite.. plz and thnx


Go to My Profile Press Edit my info Read all of the description. Check them or uncheck them. That will...

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How can i make my picture appear on the opposite side?

Example: If i've taken my picture and i appear on the left side, how can i photoshop it so that i appear on the right side? Is that possible? no, it's not rotating the picture, i know what that is and how to do that. I also don't mean cutting the whole...


CTRL/command T to use the transform tool. click and drag on the right side over to the left to make...

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How do I do this?! make a picture of yourself into on giant picture of something.?

i want to make a picture like this so bad but i don't know how or where to do it......its like a bunch of photos of yourself to create one big main picture. i know its sounds confusing but look at this.


For something Like that you pretty much have a collage going on. Best way to do it take a bunch of pictures...

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How do I make the picture i'm trying to print smaller?

So I made myself a bookmark (picture) and i wanted to print it so I could use it (btw I have a mac). So then I double clicked the picture and it was the exact size I wanted it to be, but when i clicked the print button and it shows u that preview thing...


First, choose the size of the bookmark you want to print on. Then, select the option 'Center on page...

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How can I make myself look prettier? (picture)?

Okay, so to start things out. I am a tomboy. I would like to be a little more girly... I don't really have any girl friends. Except for 1. The rest are guys. I just cut my hair to a little longer than my shoulders a couple weeks ago... Maybe some kind...


you could use eyeliner, different mascaras, use false eyelashes i go crazy with mascara and eyelashes...

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How to photoshop a picture to make it look like i have done a photoshoot with a white backdrop?

i know, i know, why dont i just do a photoshoot? because its expensive, and im a full time mum. anyways, i want to have lots of pictures up all over my house of my gorgeous daughter.. but the backgrounds are never very nice! (our cluttered, missmatched...


Hi, the second photo has been taken in a professional studio, you can see that by the catch light in...

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How do I make a "couple picture" from pictures I have of us in single photos?

Or more importantly, is there any website, or easy thing I can do without spending hours in photoshop (which I don't have, or know how to use) to make a picture seem realistic? I have a large number of pictures of us individually, but I want to have...


You can clone someone in on Photoscape which is a free download.

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How do i make the word box on paint blend in to a picture?

Like on microsoft paint i'll try to add a word box you know so i cant type something onto a picture for lolz, but when i make the box it makes a big white box on part of the picture. How do i make it so that i can make the words like like they arent...


Fill in the box with the background color, and if the letters are big enough and you have the skills...

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