How do i make a scroll-box for pictures?

Let’s learn how do i make a scroll-box for pictures. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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That would depend on the type of system you're using. If you're doing native Windows you enter a world...

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How do I add a picture to my scrollbox on myspace?

ok so i have the scrollbox code but how to I add the pictures, i want to make a scrollbox with pictures of my friends and then a caption underneath. PLZ HELP!!!


Create a photobucket account, and edit your pictures there, then use the url for the picture and add...

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Why do digital users try to make their pictures look like they're from film (even though they get it wrong)?

Lately, I've been seeing more and more pictures online where people try to "simulate" film. I don't get that. If you want your pictures to look like film, then just use FILM. But that's beside the point. The funny thing is that I've been seeing...


if that is what they call a film look, then that is a joke, I understand why, but they overdo it, especially...

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How do I make my pictures on Facebook private, as in Only Me?

They used to be private, (the Only Me option) but I made them open for friends to see because my mom wanted to see my abroad pictures. That was late last year. Now Facebook changed their privacy options, and I don't know how to make them private to only...

Answer:… if you want to save them to your computer, you have...

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Is there any software that can let you make your own pictures?

I'm doing a photography course at school and was just wondering if there was any computer software that could let you create your own pictures. Such as making pictures of you next to a celebrity, or climbing a mountain. Or making pictures of you surfing...


Photoshop is the thing that goes to my mind. In that software, you can edit even the singles details...

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How should i make HER understand?i have Prom pictures on Facebook.?

before i start these pictures are OVER 10 years old. At first some other friends of mine (and hers) got it into their heads from these pictures that i was somehow Married even though it is clear that the pictures are date-marked and i even state in the...


I'm not sure why this girl is freakin out over old pictures. It was prom over 10yrs ago. Its what we...

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PHOTOSHOP: how to make your pictures look like modelling pictures?

ok, so i have loads of random snap shots of my baby daughter.. they are good quality, but just taken in our living room, or in her bedroom or whatever. i know how to edit the lighting and everything, but i want to make it look like she has had a proper...


>>ok, so i have loads of random snap shots of my baby daughter.. they are good quality, but just...

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How can i make a real calendar out of 12 pictures i took?

What I want to do is make my boyfriend a nice book for our one year anniversary,of all the poems i've ever had published that he inspired me to write, or that were written to him. Also some pictures of us like at jason aldean's concert and just random...


that's a great idea! unfortunately, i'm not sure how to do it at home. i believe Walgreens will do it...

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I would like to make my pictures like dis ...something combined like dat..and with comments in da pictures?… i would like 2 make my pictures like dat..combined..and with coments in da pictures..any sites u guys know of dat could help me combine my pictures like dat??



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Should i make my pictures black and white or color?

for my room i'm getting some pictures done. there's going to be three pictures in a line on my wall. they're about 11x14. the pictures are three pictures of the eifel tower, but at different angles. i'm 13, and my room is pink, brown, and white. should...


pictures of the eiffel tower always look the best black and white with high contrast i think. so if...

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