How do I build a snowboard box?

Let’s learn how do I build a snowboard box. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Build a Snowboard Box | eHow

Remember use for this snowboard box when you build it. This type of box isn't meant to ride on the sides, only the top.

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(Easy ten points) How should i build a snowboard box?

What materials should i use and how should i build it. Its gonna go in my backyard. Thanks EASY TEN POINTS!!!!!


w/ cardboard haha just kidding u may get hurt like alot. Anyways, with wood, a drill and a nails. and...

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How do I build a grind rail or fun box to snowboard on?

I was wondering how many materials i need and how to do it. please make it inexpensive ... .thanks everyone


Ha just finished building one. Basically, for a cheap one, you can just build a jump with a two-by-four...

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To build a snowboard box you will need plywood lots of wood boards and misclanius items so it should...

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you can buy one offline but theyre expencive so i would suggest building one off a plan offline. just...

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Building a snowboard rail?

any ideas on how to build a cheap snowboard box or rail that wont wreck my board and is cheap


4 By 4 Fence posts with Layers of Lexan or some sort of hard plastic on the top. Make sure you countersink...

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Snowboard terrain parks? ?

Hi im planning to build a snowboard box and i would like to know what types of plastics you can use for the surface, I would also like to know what type of plastic the terrain parks more


Im not 100% but i think theyre fiberglass because its pretty smooth and they wax it.

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Build a Better Packaging Box?

Ever see a product packaged in an odd or unattractive way? Ever get frustrated fighting with a box just to get to the product inside? I am currently looking for suggestions of poor package designs, so I can design a better one! The solution to these...


You make some interesting points in your designs. A couple things came to mind when reading each one...

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I have 2 alpine type rs and i want to build a box?

i have two alpine type r's and i am looking to build a box that takes up most of my trunk so it looks good and something to show off would i be better off making the box ported or sealed? and if ported how big would i make the ports and how many? ill...


a ported box will pound harder but a sealed box will sound alot crisper and have a smoother pound its...

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How do i build a vented or ported speaker box?

i just bought a Kicker CVR12 for my truck and i want to build a speaker box for it but the manual is too confusing so i was wondering if there was anybody that could give me the specs or tell me where i can find the info i need to build the speaker box...


Build one according to Kickers' specs for the CompVR. Other than hardcore competitors, Kicker knows...

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