How do I build a sub box?

Let’s learn how do I build a sub box. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Subwoofer boxes are necessary if you are looking to install subwoofers inside your car. These boxes...

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12 " sub box how to build or what a good stander one would be?

i have 2 ,12" subs they are old pyle new wave they both work i dont know the watt or anything on them they where not in the orignianl box im looking for a good plans for a mounting box or where a good place to buy them from if you need know anything...


first of all, what i would do is go to and click on "manuals downloads" under...

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I wanna know what sizee of an amp i need for a sub and how big i should build my box for it?

I have a 12 in, 1000watt sub, with 500rms power, and I was wondering how big of an amp I should get that will pick up a decent ammount of the high and low bass, and I have an area of more


Get a JL Audio 1000/1 this amp will blast that sub out of it box Lol And buy a box at a stereo shop...

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How to build a custom sub box for 1995 peugeot 306?

i want the best specifications & measurements for the box as i have 2 12" pioneer TS-W306C Dual Voice Coil subs with a 2 channel 2500w (1250w*2) amplifier.. and also need to know which would sound better - Ported or Sealed? Ps. The car is a...


Completely disregard the dimensions of your cargo area. What you need to go by is the recommended sealed...

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How to build a round sub box?

I have seen it done but cant find ANY instructions on how to do it. What tools are needed and so forth. Please help. Thanks! :)


Aluminum housing i came across this sub box…

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I'm going to build a sub box= HELP ME?

Ok, I have all the materials to build my single 12" subwoofer enclosure. I have 3/4 MDF, glue, screws, etc. I have some questions. I don't want to buy a box because I have all the materials. The sub is 1 12" Kicker Comp 150W RMS 4-ohm. Anyway...


Everything sounds like you have a good plan. If those are external dimensions, that box is fine. A sealed...

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Can I build a sub box for a alpine type X inside of another box that is 16 1/4" high 15" wide and 16 1/2 deep?

i have a 2005 dodge ram 2500 HD. I have two alpine type R's under my back seats but i want more so im building a center console that takes out my front middle seat and meets up with my dash like the 2011 dodge truck sports and i was wondering if i could...


If you can't get enough air space for both, go with one. But yeah, you should be able to do it. You...

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Should I Buy Or Build A Sub Box.?

I have a 10" Memphis C3 Sub at Memphis they sell one vented for 119. Should i build my own to have it fit right its only 20 bucks for a MDF sheet. I've never built a sub box before so i'll need help and would a regular saw work or do you need a...


yeah go to lowes or home depot and the will cut it for you pretty straight....if you have the time to...

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Whats the best material to build a sub box?

my current sub box is like this one its for a single 15' inch sub but i want to make another one because this one got wet so what is the best material to build the box? what kind of wood, silicone...



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For a 10" Sub, would it be worth it to build a box, or should I just buy the walmart brand box?

The 30$ box from walmart just needs assembly, and i would plan to better seal the box and insulate it with poly. My other option would be to start from scratch and build one. Anyone more


Please dont buy walmart unless you plan to tinker with it..

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