How do I build a gingerbread eiffel tower?

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How do I build a gingerbread Eiffel Tower?

Preferably with tips of how to make it look realistic in a way. Thank you!


As Event Coordinator at Michaels for 7 years, I was frequently asked to demonstrate Wilton Gingerbread...

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How can I build an eiffel tower?

I need to build an eiffel tower as a prom decoration. I would like for it to be at least 8 feet tall. I'm not sure what to build it out of or how to go about building it. I am on a budget so I don't have the money for steel or anything like that. Please...


well i was gonna say toothpicks then paint them it was something my friend did but then i saw you wanned...

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If you wanted to build the Collesium or the Eiffel Tower what would you start with?

For a project, my partner and i have to build a famous structure around the world.....we were planning to do the Roman Collesium or the Eiffel Tower. But to begin the project, what woukd you build it with? How do you measure the length, width and everything...


For either work you are going to need a plan and then a shipload of scale model wood, Midwest&trade...

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Procedures to build the Eiffel tower out of popsicle sticks?

What are the procedures to build the Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks? I need it for my 3rd grader science fair project.


Step 1 Get photographs of the tower- lots of them from different angles. Step 2 Make a sketch. Try drawing...

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Best way to build a good model of the eiffel tower?

i have a school assignment and i am going to build a replica of the eiffel tower i want to be a good one! not just a basic structer i would like to have like all the cut outs and you more


What about wood? Small sticks of Balsa wood (available for a decent price at craft stores) is really...

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How can I build a large Eiffel Tower replica?

I need to make a replica of the Eiffel Tower that is approximately 10 feet tall. Does anyone have any ideas? All help is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you.


Use Popsicle sticks, it's the closest and cheapest medium (for want of a better word) you can use to...

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How can I build a 17 foot Eiffel tower ?

I am in charge of planning some things for my Paris themed junior prom. Any ideas about how to build a cost effective tower?


Cristaux International is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Building Replica. Visit...

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Why was the Eiffel Tower designed and built?

Why did Gustave Eiffel design and build the tower? Most of the people in Paris hated the metal tower. Why did Eiffel build it? + What is the architectural style of the Eiffel Tower?


The Eiffel Tower was designed and built to be the centerpiece of the World's Fair held in Paris in ...

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Please condense your question into one text and we'll find the answer for you. Text us back.

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Trying to build 3D Model of Tokyo Tower, help?

I'm trying to build a 3D model of the Tokyo Tower and I don't know what materials I should use to build it. I've been also looking for maybe a kit to help me, since it looks like the eiffel tower but bigger. Can you help me find something to start it...


Tokyo Tower model by Sega Toys… (Attention : This is...

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