How do I build a worm farm?

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How do I build a worm farm?

what can I use for a container? What do they need to survive ? How do I feed them?


I used a large plastic tote. Shred some news paper and put in the bottom, put about 2 inches of soil...

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Worm farming, how to worm farm,?

ok so i know it seems disgusting and junk but i need help.i want to worm farm to have a healthy garden and the garden for looks and for my rabbit.i heard that you can sell them for bait and i want to know what to do.i already have the container,worm...


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I want to build my own ant farm?

ok so i got a large fish tank that i will be taking apart to build a large ant farm, but i need help to figure out how to do it. can someone help me? i want the ant farm to look like an actual ant farm that is thin to see their tunnel, and also very...

Answer: <---watch first

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Is it good or bad to have maggots in my worm farm?

Recently I have been putting my scarps in my worm farm and noticed that there where allot of maggots. I was thinking about what I could do to get rid of them and then I wondered maybe they are good for my farm. can some one pls help me! Are maggots good...


Hi Alice, Maggots are a common problem in Worm Farms, and they can be detrimental to the health and...

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Worm farm and composting?

Hi, I've just started a veggie garden. So, I thought I'd be environmentally sound and start a worm farm an a composting bin (heat composting). I've read that worms don't have teeth and things should be small enough for quick digestion. So, my question...


You absolutely can do this. It is exactly what I do and I am a worm farmer. I put all my fruit and vegetable...

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Worm farm?

I am making a worm farm. Is it okay to put mulch as the soil? Do I just put like old food in habitat? can I use an old fish tank (with no water) for a worm farm? How often do I more


As a kid I had a worm farm. I just used our garden soil so I don't know about the mulch. But I kept...

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Would i be allow by the city to build an extra house in a farm?

my grand parent gave me their farm because they move back to our country and I'm not a farm person so i want to build a summer house and remove all the stables and build a more


No, normally you can only have 1 house on that type of land.

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I Need To Find A Worm Farm?

I used to have a worm farm where it is a styroform box with holes poked thru it and you would put dirt in the box and some worm food and it would be a good place to store them in a more


Walmart Cabelas Bass pro shops Bait stores

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Who build the Worm Tunnels or the DNA Helix galaxy (in case their existance can be tested)?

I was reading Contact, and in his novel Carl Sagan express that maybe the Worm Tunnels were build by a Galaxy Wide civilization. Do you think that worm tunnels can be a construction of a higher civilization that have achieve galactic enginnering? I ask...


Worm holes are hypothetical, there is no evidence they exits. And it is the "Double Helix Nebula...

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How can i create/build and operate a vertical farm?

I am a student in college with a dream. One day I want to build or help create the vertical farm ( I am an undergrad majoring in Environmental Engineering. I can envision these farms growing foods that will provide...


I am sure you would find it is more economical to use ordinary farming techniques. How, for example...

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