How do i put a blog layout on my blog on myspace?

Let’s learn how do i put a blog layout on my blog on myspace. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I put a myspace layout (I created) in my blog???

I have tried changing the height and stuff, but it STILL WONT WORK! I have tried and tried and tried, so please....HELP! please♥=]


why are you trying to make layout for your blog? is that possible..i've never heard of that before?...

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use photobucket html testers. search them on google and just paste the code for your layout in and copy...

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How do i make my blog private to anyone and only visible to friends on myspace?

sad to say, my son's father and his family are extremely stalker status and they read into whatever we put online and basically try to COMPETE to try to make their lives seem funner and happier and blah blah blah. it's sad that they live their lives...


when you go down to post it will ask you if you want it to be public, friends, preferred list, or diary...

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How do i make a layout site on in your blogs?

i want to make a layout sight on myspace in my blog but i can not figure out how to put the codes in my blog! can any one help me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


yeah srry i have 2go with da guy b4 me..

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Putin layout picture and code in the blog for myspace?

i made a layout,i juss cant seem to find a way to show mie layout or code to put on mie page iz just woudnt show up... u see other layout maker....when u click theer layout it bring u to theer blog and it show the code and pic for it... im juss confuse...


You need to code it and host your images. go to

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Myspace layout help, they don't work when I put them in my blogs! >_<

my myspace layout codes won't work when I post them in my blog? and I put them in the <textarea></textarea> scroll box too, they just mess up and I'm annoyed by it. Help ??



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I have a myspace blog layout question that probably no one will know. xD?

lets see... Well, I have a customized myspace blog layout currently on my myspace blog. Anyways, I try to link my "subscribe" button (because my blog layout hides the original subscribe button) to my header, but then when i save changes, and...


Try making the link to your "subscribe" button this:

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Where could i find a myspace BLOG layout. NOT THE REGULAR MYSPACE PAGE. THE BLOG and i know there is a way?

i know there is a way. my friend uses one and a layout site used one. and dont tell me that i go to customize blog. i need a code or a website that gives myspace BLOG layouts, not more


well i dunno if there are any layouts but you can put virtually any picture (if appropriate) as your...

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How to put a custom layout on a wordpress blog ?

Hey does anybody out there know how to put a custom made layout on a wordpress blog ? Cause I just recently made this blog and I wanted to put a layout on it but IDK how, I would rather it be a custom made one instead of the default ones on the website...


By custom you could either use a theme that is free and available at many different sites. Google "...

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How to put my MYSPACE blog link in myspace bulletin? ♦10 pts♦?

I went on the myspace forum, and got this answer: <a href=" more


Link to another page: <a href="">Click Here</A>

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