How do I make a Myspace layout?

Let’s learn how do I make a Myspace layout. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do you make a myspace stylesheet/layout?

well i've had a layout site before, and it had awesome layouts, graphics, tutorials, and everything else a layout site would normally have. i'm only human, and i have a life so i deleted the myspace w/ the content. and now that i'm bringing back a new layout site i can't put my old content up, and i forgot how to code layouts. so if anyone could give me a site where it shows you how to make layouts, and not crappy ones, ones like this- thx, i hope you can help!


here are some

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How do i make my own Myspace layout and banner, like on most bands Myspace page?

I've been trying to do this for a while and i cant find anything that would help me. I want to custom make my myspace layout and banner. I want a banner that will go over everything on my myspace page. For Example...


They made a layout using custom HTML Its really quite an easy coding language to learn...

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How do i make a myspace default layout?

i know people are going to give me sites to make a layout but i know how to make layouts!! but i want to know how to make a DEFAULT layout!!!! ill go on a layout site and try to make more


Go here... Hopefully it works ☺

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On u can make ur own layout for myspace:how can u make it skinny?

On you can make your own myspace layout. But how can you make it a skinny layout? I need people who actually know how to do this answering please. Thanks a more


You cant. sorry. =] but how good is whatever life????

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How do i make my own myspace layout?

i know that i can get a picture from the internet, save it into my computer then upload it onto tiny pic and get the code, then go on a myspace layout website, and find a layout with the setup you want, and get the code to the layout and erase a certain...


use its easier than doing all that :)

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How to make my myspace layout a default layout?

i have a regular myspace layout with da different tables and stuff but i want it to be a default layout with it all merged together u kno? also instead of it bein jus whit can it be like a little bit transparent but if not itz ok thanks:)


when u choose a layout make sure is a default layout! on websites u will see it says default layouts...

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How hard would it be to make a myspace layout like this one?

I want a layout like this one:… Or something similar, but I would like Kisschasy instead of Paramore. I cannot find any Kisschasy layouts that actually look okay, usually I would make one myspace but I...


I would be able to make you one, but I haven't gotten to install PSP back onto my computer just yet...

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How do i make a layout like these on myspace? how do i make a layout were i can put my own words on a layout like they did please give me a website thanx!:)


they use the program Photo shop and get different fonts from websites.Best one i know is deviantart...

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How to make myspace layouts for layout site.?

I want to make a myspace layout site. one that is on myspace no a website. I want to make very cute layouts, like default layouts and skinny layouts. How do I do this, make the more


Hello taylor first of all you ould download adobe photoshop then make the layout or you can generate...

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How do you make your myspace layout like a defualt layout?

ok. im having trouble making my layout really cute and pretty. so heres how i want my layout look like. i want to keep the default but i want the "about me blurbs" gone, more


Here are a couple of easy to use sites that you will want to bookmark for sure! I use them alot when...

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