How do I fix my Myspace layout?

Let’s learn how do I fix my Myspace layout. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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My myspace layout doesn't space when I press enter, how do I fix this?

I've tried multiple layouts from multiple websites and it is the same problem. Ex./ In the profile edit if I put: Hey I'm Natalie. My favorite movie is Grease. My more


You need to put in line breaks <br> after each line. Hey I'm natalie <br> my favorite movie...

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How do i fix my myspace layout?

i decided to fix my myspace today and i completely jacked it up. i have 1.0 and i don't like how theres like your basic info. at the top, i want a short myspace like i seen on this girl i know's myspace where her basic info. is on the side. and i don...

Answer: do you mean something like mine?? if so, i go to www.msnerdslayouts...

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I deleted my myspace layout code in 'edit profile' but Its Still Appearing on myspace, How do i fix that?

Oh and i put a new layout code, but it only shows for a second and goes 2 my old layout again


Did you click save? Make sure you deleted ALL of the old layout.

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Hack is a bit strong of a word. It sounds more like someone just used your account while it was open...

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How can I fix my myspace layout?

it has a scroll box in it, and I'd like to take it out. How can I do that?


Locate and close with the offending code and eradicate it by all means necessary.

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Can someone fix a myspace layout for me?

I have this adorable layout that I would love to keep, but my top friends box doesn't show up and I've tried everything I can think of to change the layout code and it just doesn't work. Could someone please help me? Send me your email address in your...


May be you can contact a web designer at website like .

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This link will give details on how to make sure your code isn't overlapping other code: http://profilerehab...

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To help you with that, I would have to see what your Myspace actually looks like. Haha. Link?

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