How do make a DVD picture clearer?

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How to make Still picture off of a Dvd?? Please Read?

How can i get a still picture off of a recorded Dvd. Sony Dvd recorder. Like, i pause the shot, and i want to get a picture of that shot on my computer ,how can i do it???


The easiest way would be if your computer has a DVD drive... play the DVD to the picture you want then...

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How big a picture to make DVD label?

want to use a picture to make DVD label. How big should it be to fit into a DVD label


In hte phot program your using, make the view 100%, as long as it looks good there it will look good...

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I want to make DVD's from pictures. The intro needs to have some dynamic text I can fill in, so that the intro presents this text (it's a motion picture, not static). How or with what tools can I do this?

So I need to make an intro on basis of a template movie (moving through the clouds), this movie has to have a name in it. I want to make more of this template movie with different names. So the text must be customizable.


Try ImTOO Photo to Flash.

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How to make a dvd picture slideshow?

I want to make a slideshow of pictures with background music. Is there a place that does this or does anyone know how to go about doing it?


It depends on your computer and what programs you have available. A Mac has iDVD - a very easy program...

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Would a blu-ray dvd player make that much difference to the picture and sound quality of my dvd's?

Hi, I have a 42" full HD 1080p tv, at the moment i have a normal dvd player and normal dvd's. My question is whether buying a Blu-ray dvd will make much if any difference more


The quality depends on the quality of the discs and movies sources, nothing to do with the player, only...

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Does connecting dvd player or receiver through HDMI port in tv, make the picture better?

I got a Hisense tv 32'' (LCD32T28), and connects it to the receiver (for cable channels - DVB) or to dvd player (Sony) through this 3 headed cable (Red, White, Yellow), but more


It will enhance the picture slightly but not much. The fact that you will still be feeding your HDTV...

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Will a Monster 1000 ultra HDMI cable make my DVD picture better?

I have a sony upgrade to 1080i DVD player and a Hi-def TV.


No - just get a cable from Walmart or - the picture will be the same. Buy a DVD or two...

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Hook Up A Receiver For Your Home Theater. What is a Receiver? . You could plug your Xbox, Plasma, and...

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This is easy. First make sure you have a DVD burner. Next save all the photos you want into My Pictures...

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