How to make a picture look like a drawing?

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In gimp, how do you make a real picture look like a drawing?

I have a picture of my cousin that I got from my digital camera, but I wanna make it look like I drew it or something like that. How do you do that in Gimp?


Here are some tutorial`s that can help teach you how to do that with gimp. http://www.associatedcontent...

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Try the gimp,The GNU Image Manipulation Program, the GIMP, is ideal for amateur photographers, web designers...

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I'm trying to make my drawing look like the actualy picture. Help!?

So some people said that my drawing doesn't look like the original and that it doesn't look like him. So how can I make it more realistic? Heres my drawing more


My art teacher taought me some important things, First, to make things seem realistic you need to make...

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Hmm. we sent that Answer to you already! Txt GETNEW to get a new answer.

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Adobe Photoshop has many filters that can simulate different effects including drawing, and watercolor...

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How do you draw a picture and really try to make it look realistic?

I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. I'm having trouble drawing a picture of someone, or people, and making it look realistic. What I mean are things like body parts, or to show that the person is in motion or doing something specific, like playing...

Answer:… Good Luck!

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How can i make a picture of something without drawing or painting?

i would love to know how to draw. i am pretty good, but i still need alot of work. but i want to know if you can make a picture without drawing, painting or photo-manipulation? and having it actually look good or like the character you are trying to...



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How do you make a portrait look like the person?

I think my painting and drawing is good but for some reason the picture never looks like the person it's supposed to be. Do you know of any way I can make my paintings look like the people there of or is it just a matter of practise???


Yeah I have struggled with that as well. I would try to draw someone and it would always have something...

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Drawing everyone or me a picture?

The one who likes to do a lot of computer drawings, see if you can do these if you have time: I will like help with finishing the other computer drawings, and whenever you know how to load your drawings so everyone can see it, or if you know how to load...


I have a tablet, but I sure don't have the time to draw any of those requests, nor would anyone else...

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