How to turn a bed into like a couch?

Let’s learn how to turn a bed into like a couch. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Turn a Twin Bed Into a Couch | eHow

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OK, i know how to turn the futon into a bed, but how do i put it back into the couch?

thanks everyone, who told me how to get it down..but now im having trouble getting it back up! so aggravated right now...


Once again lift the part that would be the bottom. Push it toward the back of the futon. You should...

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Does my couch turn into a bed?

or does my bed turn into a couch


It turns into a toaster.

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HONESTLY!!!! why are people so afraid to tell the truth? "honey, you were snoring really loud and...

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The Couch is Not a Bed, Right?

My significant other (with whom I share an apartment) falls asleep in front of the TV every night and sometimes doesn't make it to bed. I am annoyed. Should I be? My boyfriend falls asleep in front of the television every night on the couch â&...


My SO and I each fall asleep on the couch on occasions. When one is asleep, and the other is retiring...

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Come home from work 2 a COUCH?? My Bros gf is sleeping in my bed?

So i work fulltime 5 days a week 4pm-1am. im 18 and still sleep on a bunk bed with my lil brothers. So i get home from work 2night tired. I brush my teeth and walk into my room, turn the light on and much to my surprise my 21yr old brothers gf is asleep...


get into bed with her. it wont happen again

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How can I turn a mattress into a couch?

I'm trying to create a convincing sofa/chaise out of a twin mattress, particularly one that resembles DWR's Vegas couch. I'm pretty lacking in crafting talent, but am willing to try anything. I really like Design Within Reach's Vegas couch for our office...


I think you'd be better off posting around town and seeing if anyone is willing to trade you a piece...

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How can I train the dog to sleep in her bed, not ours?

My husband and I took over care of a black lab puppy that the family was no longer able to take care of (my younger siblings are a handful!).. I absolutely love the dog, so taking her was not an issue what so ever! She has been nothing but a pleasure...


When you have learned how to stop your dog's behavior problems and taught it to be obedient, you will...

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Bed bugs Or dry skin?

I basically spent a whole week staying up all night trying to figure out why i am so itchy at night. After feeling something literally biting my whole body and head ans seeing skin scabs on my bed.. I thought it was bed bugs so i slept 2 nights on the...


You said 'turn on the heater... really hot." You're in Southern Hemishphere where it's early winter...

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Do you think that all these learning games for children are going to turn them into lazy couch potatoes?

I think that all of these video games are ridiculous. They are going to turn toodlers into lazy couch potatoes all because their parents decided to slap a DVD in, instead of reading them a book. When I was a child, my parents did not place a video game...


I agree. Kids need to have parent interaction but also just time to play with blocks or other things...

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