How do you change your name on yahoo mail?

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How can I change my name on my outgoing mail on Yahoo?

I need some help.. I am following the directions online in order to change my name and its not working. Can some tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’ve copy and paste the directions from Yahoo help (below) Any suggestions would be much appreciated...


that's exactly what you do! i just followed these instructions and fixed it. Go to your mail page then...

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How can I change my displayed name at Yahoo Mail?

Hey mates, When I started to use yahoo mail I set a nickname as my displayed name. By now I would like to set my real name as the displayed name. I searched and searched but couldn't find a possibility to change this. Has anybody an idea how this works...


There 2 things that you can change your name on your Yahoo mail account. They are separate and have...

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How do I change my display name on outgoing Yahoo mail?

This account is for an officer of my Toastmasters club, and the officer changes each year. The person who set up the account put her name (Simone) as the outgoing display name on emails, but I want it to say my name (Sarah) now so people don't get confused...


Name change for mail - follow these steps: 1. Click "Options" in the upper-right corner of...

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How to change Yahoo Mail e-mail name?

I tried e-mailing my brother's e-mail and when I e-mail him, my name in his inbox shows "From: "You Homo." I didn't do this at all and I want to change it back to my name. It has just changed recently because I used to e-mail him before...


helllo go to mail. click on options top right corner and the first box is your yahoo email display name...

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I went to review my accout information, name,yahoo id, yahoo mail, do i change the name?

when i created my account, i went to review my account information. this is what i saw. name, yahoo id, yahoo mail, and password,change password. how do i change my name?


go to Yahoo mail click "my account" (top page)

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How to change sender name in Yahoo Mail?

So I got married and changed my last name under "Account Info" but when i send an email it still shows my old last name as the "sender" or "from" name. The option to change your sender name used to be under "Mail Options...


You can change the FROM name and the REPLY TO address on the "Accounts" page. The FROM name...

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How do I change my last name on my yahoo account so that when I send mail, my new married name appears instead

I recently got married and have to change my last name on my yahoo account. My name when sending mail to others is still coming up as the name I registered with. I have gone into the 'my account' section and changed it, but when I send mail it still...


There are two ways to change the FROM name depending on whether you have Classic or New Yahoo Mail....

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How to change "from" mail name in yahoo mail?

Want to change the name in the "from" category when I send mail to something else....but can't find out menu in mail that I can find allows that change. Any ideas? A phone number for yahoo mail questions maybe?


You just need to change the "from line" setting. Mail page>>options (top right)>...

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Owner must change name of Yahoo group - how to transfer old mail to a new Yahoo group or else to rename site?

We must change the name of our Yahoo group. Assume can either change the name of the Yahoo site, or if not will create a new Yahoo site. We don't want to lose all of the research from the previous site. Can we transfer some/all emails to new site? (yes...


Can I change the name or email address/URL of a group after I've set it up?

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How to change what my name comes up as on a yahoo mail email, it appears different to the recipients of my Ema?

when I send an email, the person that receives it say that it doesn't say my name, it says a name that I want to change, cause its not the right name! I wrote my name as something elts, but I want to change it! I want people to know when they get an...


You're going to have to go into your settings and change the "from line" setting. Mail page...

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