How do you clean a computer and TV screen?

Let’s learn how do you clean a computer and TV screen. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You can buy TFT/LCD Cloths ready moist (Like wet wipes) or you can also buy a can of LCD/TFT Foam, and...

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How to get my computer screen to show up on my lcd tv?

i had my desktop computer hooked up to my lcd tv through a DVI to HDMI cable and it worked fine for a year. when i moved, i had to set everything up again and now, the tv does not recognize the computer. I restarted both the computer and tv and while...


Next time you have it hooked up to a regular monitor, change the screen resolution back to one the TV...

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How do I share the same screen as my computer to my tv screen?

I have a pc that that we recently switched from Windows7 to Linux. When I used my HDMI cord to connect the computer to the tv in Windows7, my tv screen automaticaly showed what was on my computer. But now when I do the same thing with linux, it shows...


Windows 7 "Cloned" the desktop to the TV while Linux "Extended" the desktop to the...

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How do I use my HD Vizio TV as my computer screen, and get it to play sound from my computer?

I know there's a number of ways to project your computer's screen onto the TV and using it as your monitor, but what are some of the ways I can do that? Do I need to buy a specific cord? or is it different from computer to computer? I have a Ferrari...


Here is the guide of having the Vizio TV in your computer screen...

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How can I put my TV screen onto my computer screen?

Okay, so I know that you can hook the TV and the computer together, and the computer screen will pop up onto the TV. But I'm wondering if there is a way to just put the TV screen onto my laptop.. So I don't have to buy an HD DVR or anything like that...


If you have Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate , then open Windows Media Center and watch TV on PC .

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How to display my computer screen on to my TV screen?

I have an SD cable with the yellow thing at the end that connects from my computer to my TV (for video) and then for audio I have a cable that has the red and white things at the end which connect to my TV. I have been using ATI Catalyst Control Center...


Is the tv CRT, Plasma, or LCD

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How do i watch tv via. internet on the tv with my computer full screen, and use my computer at the same time?

kind of like having the regular tv on connected to my computer full screen, but using my computer also. you know, its always good to have the tv on while you're sitting around i cant get cable here


There are several ways get cable to your PC. They all have their strong points in different categories...

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HELP! 10 points!! how do i connect my lap top to my tv so i can watch videos from my computer on my tv screen?

i have a dell and i hooked up a S-video cable and connected it to my tv. how do i get the videos on my computer to show up on my tv screen? i tried to do it like i would if i was watching a dvd, but nothing came up. so i obviously did something wrong...


go to control panel click appearance and themes click on display icon click on settings tab click on...

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How to record tv screen to computer - its not cable or sattelite (tuner card how???)?

ok i got this box that i connect to my router and get tv stream from internet and brodcast to tv throught a tv wire - can i record what is getting on my tv to my computer am newbie - if worst happen i record to dvd but i googled it said tv tuner any...


yep, get a tv tuner card (all-in-wonder are fairly good), plug your computer into the router using the...

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How can i transmit viewing material from my computer to a monitor screen in another room? (for watching 'tv')?

how can i have two monitors - one in my living room, & one in my study with my computer.. but the one in the living room, somehow linked to all my dvds/watching material which are stored on my computer in the study. this is because i don't have an...


You can use a long S-Video cable.

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