How do you clean a LCD TV screen?

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How to clean the lcd flat screen tv?

I used a microfiber cloth dampened to wipe of the tv screen and then wiped it with a dry microFiber cloth.but there are streeks now on the screen.did I hurt the screen?are there any cleaners I can use to get rid of the steeks?Manual said you can use mild cleaner on it but what is a mild cleaner?


You have to use distilled water. Tap water has chemicals and minerals in it that leave a residue on...

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How to clean LCD TV screen?

Whats the best way to clean a LCD TV screen? Just got a 40" samsung tv and need to know how to clean the display... Every product seems to say it's the best and anything else will damage the screen, so anyone got any reccomendations of a screen...


My method is cheap, simple and works, I use it to clean all galss, windons, tv screens and mirrors etc...

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How to Clean LCD TV Screen?

Up to now, I have only dusted our LCD TV screen, but now it has small grand-daughter's mucky fingerprints on it. Hubby has washed it with damp cloth, which did not remove fingerprints and has left screen un-clean (if you know what I mean). Our user guide...


Screen Wipes

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How can I clean the screen on my LCD TV?

I have a few smudges on new LCD TV. Seems to be oily finger print smudges. I know the panel is not glass and I am not sopposed to use chemicals like Windex. What can I use to clean the LCD screen? How can I clean it?


they should have cleaning tips in the manual in my plasma manual its says a damp soft cloth with downy...

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How do I clean my LCD TV screen?

I know there are special wipes on the market but they are a little bit pricey. Is there anything household that I can use to clean an LCD TV screen? It is a nightmare to clean and get rid of the smears and smudges and kiddie fingerprints!


i use nail varnish remover to clean my laptop and tv screens works fine for me

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How to clean a lcd tv screen??

i'm just wondering if there is a special cleaner that i can use to clean an lcd tv screen, as i don't want to use polish as i fear it will ruin it???


There is a special cleaner, for LCD TV screens and computers etc, I brought it recently from Tesco or...

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How do I clean a greasy finger mark off my new LCD TV screen?

I've just bought a Toshiba Regza LCD TV and someone touched the screen two days ago. It left a greasy mark in the middle of the screen. I can't get rid of it. Toshiba say more


this may sound invoved but it is well worth it.. call 1800shaklee, and order a bottle of Basic H. it...

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How to clean my LCD TV Screen?

Hi, I have a Philips 19PFL5602D LCD TV, there are marks and streaks on the TV and I want a good cleaning product that will get rid of them so that the TV looks like brand new, any more


(1) Stay away from household cleaning products. Pledge, Windex, whatever. These are not your TV's friend...

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How to clean an LCD TV Screen?

There were some greasy marks on our LCD TV Screen. I used luke warm water and a little (very) bit of dish detergent and a soft cloth to wipe it off. The places were I wiped it left more


Make sure your spray bottle is clean, and fill it half way up with water.... Now take your rubbing alcohol...

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How do i clean lcd tv screen?

i tried wiping it, but the dust is only moving and not coming off. can i use vacuum on it??. apart from the lcd kit from stores, is there an easier way to clean it


lens cleaning fluid and a lens cloth.

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