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Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG, and Panasonic. You are right about the 720p aspect unless you ever should...

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I got discount codes just now from http://promocodelove.info

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LCD or LED TV- Is it worth the money?

I am planning on upgrading my TV and am comparing prices between the LCD and LED TVs. The price difference between the two I am looking at is about $600 for a 55". Is it worth the extra money to go with the LED?


No! Not yet at least. LED is very new technology, and is in a very early phase of its product life....

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Is plasma/lcd or led TV right for me?

i have just gone through a really tough year and i wanted to treat myself, so in the next 2 months im thinking of upgrading to a large flat screen tv, i have heard a lot of good things about plasma,lcd and led tvs but im still not sure what is the best...


If you want itfor sports, plasma is a good choice for you.It have better picture, deeper black than...

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Whats the best 1080p LCD TV I can get for gaming?

Im looking to buy a LCDTV... I want to know what TV will be worth my money... Size wise Im looking from 32inches to 45inches...no smaller and no bigger...with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio...atleast 2 hdmi inputs... I noticed that sharp had 1080p LCD Tvs...


get the samsung lnt4661f it is 1080p it has a 15,000:1 contrast ratio and if u have a ps3 u can use...

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Looking to buy a 37" LCD TV for under $1500. What are the best of the lesser known names brands?

I am looking to buy the best 37 inch LCD TV I can buy for under $1500 and want to which of the lesser known name brands "i.e. Walmart Visco, Emerson, Polaroid ect are the best value for the money.


Try Westinghouse, Olevia or Vizio. Don't buy Emerson, Polaroid, Sanyo,Visco,....

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High Definition, LCD or Plasma TV....?

I'm looking to buy a new TV - less than 40" in size and I'm wondering which of the 3 types should I go for? Is HD worth the extra money and what exactly is the difference in LCD and Plasma in terms of viewing pleasure? Thansk


LCD vs. PLASMA: * LCD lasts up to twice as long as Plasma. * LCD does not have "Burn In" issues...

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IN ENGLISH, How do I use an LCD tv as a computer monitor?

So I'm getting a new laptop within the next 2-3 months and I wanted to get a 21-24 inch LCD monitor with it for when I'm watching movies or tv shows via computer or just want to see what I'm doing on a bigger screen (since my laptop most likely wont...


ok... it would cost more to use a mac on a big tv. as u need to buy expensive cables from apple. u sony...

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Best LCD TV....?

I am looking for an LCD flat panel HD 1080p TV. I am looking in the 48 inch + range. Money is not a huge factor (looking to spend $5000 or less). I am looking for the BEST tv for the money. Anyone with experience or just LOVES there LCD let me know!...


The February issue of Consumer Reports has just come out with reviews of many TVs. The highest rated...

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