What to clean a plasma TV with?

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Like any other piece of equipment, a plasma screen TV requires regular maintenance in order to work...

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What happens if you clean your LCD plasma screen tv the wrong way?

What happens if you clean it like you would clean a glass screen tv using chemical stuff? I've not done it I just want to know what would happen so I dont do this in the future as ...show more


There is no lcd plasma, it's one or the other. But either way, don't use chemicals. Check your owner...

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What can I use to clean my plasma tv screen?

Grrrr my mum wiped our plasma TV screen with what I think must have been a wet cloth when the TV was still warm and I have been left with a massive water mark on it, I have tried cleaning it off with screen cleaner, vinegar and even nail varnish remover...


get a wet paper towel scrub on to the screen hard enough for the mark to fade away , then quickly get...

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What should I use to clean my plasma TV?

My TV is pretty much all black so it shows quite alot of dust. What should I use to clean it?


cloth you use to clean the screen should be very soft. It should not scratch the screen or damage it...

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What do you use to clean the screen of a Plasma/LCD TV?

I used window cleaner and a dry, clean cotton cloth, but the results are disappointing... there are marks all over. Thank you.


http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/tvfaq.htm Much like anything in your home, TV screens get dirty with fingerprints...

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What Can I Clean Plasma TV With?

My Screens Dirty But I Dont Want To Clean It With Nothing That WIll Harm it Please Let Me Know


Use a clean, very soft cloth. Moisten it slightly, if needed. Do not use Windex or any other cleaners...

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What's the best way to clean greasy prints off my Plasma TV?

It has LOTS of hand prints all over it thanks to my two year old. I wanted to use water or windex but was told it could damage the screen. What can I use for those greasy prints?


a screwdriver. lol no they have cloths that are made just for that and they come with a bottle of sollution...

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I have a Toshiba 50HP95 Plasma TV. The other day my TV would not turn on. I went online looking for a solution and it seems this is sort of a common problem. There was a video on You Tube from a guy who had the same problem. He disconnected a small connector...


It glitches the device.... This could be the device/software problem... [damaged/glitched] report that...

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What is the best practice to hook devices (DVD, Satallite, VCR), Plasma TV & home theater receiver.?

1) Should I be running seperate cables to the plasma from DVD, Satallite receiver and VCR (I've to run component cables from DVD & sat receiver - and composite vedio cable from VCR because thats is what the output of my devices) and audio cables...


If I understand properly your receiver upconverts any incoming video to HDMI ,correct? Based on the...

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Why are they called "plasma" TV's, and what is the material behind the circuit boards?

I'm stripping down an old plasma TV and noticed that it's basically a complicated way to manage an array of CFL's. cold fluorescent Lamps. I also noticed there's some pads of thermally conductive material. it's kinda gooey silicious stuff, dunno what...


They are called 'plasma' TVs because the dot (pixel) uses a cavity like a small CRT with phosphor in...

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