How do you get a better resolution on ubuntu?

Let’s learn how do you get a better resolution on ubuntu. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Super User.

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How to get a higher resolution on Ubuntu 11.04 using an intel chipset

I have a bit slow PC here, so I decided to put Ubuntu 11.04 on it. It use to run Windows Vista on a resolution of 1280x1024, so both my hardware and monitor support it. Now I'm on Ubuntu, but can only run 1024x768, and the screen is not that bright. Its like when you don't have the right drivers on a Windows machine. Now i'm new to linux, so I do not know what do do. I have an onboard Intel chipset i965. Maybe this is some useful information, I read something about it on a forum: lspci 00:00...


You can try setting your resolution to the desired level manually. First, run this command, changing...

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How do I get ubuntu to recognize my monitor's proper resolution again?

During the Ubuntu install process (text-based), it asked what screen resolutions I would like X not to include. Not thinking, I selected my preferred resolution (1280x1024, the most my monitor can handle) and hit continue. Now I can't use that resolution...


You can use the command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and that will run through the...

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How to get Ubuntu to run 1024×768 Screen Resolution?

Okay I am running Ubuntu 8 here on my HP slimline system. Its a great operating system (Since I loath both Macs and Windows) But I am having a hard time getting the OS to run the more


same problem before. if you used the "restricted drivers thing" most likely it didnt give...

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What do I do to get a 1600x1024 resolution setting in Displays of Ubuntu 11.10 the latest.?

I upgraded over the weekend from Ubuntu11.04 where everything was working fine and my tv was displaying fully but now I only I have 4:3 (1024x768) as my only aspect ratio and resolution in Displays. Please help it's driving me nuts! My downloads are...


What sort of graphics card have you got? I just use the Nvidia Ubuntu driver on mine. Otherwise, what...

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Screen resolution is dependent on the amount of RAM available to the display hardware, and also on the...

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How can I get  Ubuntu to display correctly on a 1366x768 monitor?

I am running Windows 7 on the Acer Veriton Z290G. I successfully installed Ubuntu 12.04. The only problem I have is that the display is stretched out horizontally, so much that a small portion of the left and right of the display is beyond the edge of...


Try ubuntu 13.04 so far great with multiple monitors without the pain, having said that you could try...

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HDTV and Linux Ubuntu resolution problem.?

I have a JVC LT-26X525 HDTV. I have always used it with windows without problem. I install Ubuntu linux distro. I am reading a lot about xorg and how to get a modeline. I've read that I need to post a new modeline in the xorg.config file. Alright got...


Did you add the resolution you want to use to the Section "Screen" of the xorg.conf? BEFORE...

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I just installed Ubuntu, and it won't let me change my resolution to 1440x900?

As the title says, Ubuntu isn't letting me change to 1440x900. No idea why. My video card is a nVidia GeForce 7300GT, and the resolution works fine on Windows. How do I get a resolution of 1440x900?


Drivers... have you got the right ones ?? or are you using just the default driver?? check nvidia website...

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Ubuntu resolution please please please help?

I'm using Ubuntu Edgy Eft, and it doesn't have any screen resolution options higher than 1024x768. How do I change to a higher resolution? I've managed to get a higher more


here is the best thing for you to do right now. take your computer downtown climb to the highest building...

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Display resolution issues with Ubuntu?

I have an old dell m140 xps laptop that I am using temporarily but I can not get the laptop to display my 20" monitor's native resolution. the specs on located here… Can this laptop even reach 168...


The maximum resolution that your laptop is capable of displaying, mate, is: 1280 x 800 (WXGA) (That...

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