How to get a better package from a job offer?

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I am from the Electrical Engineering Department of an IIT. What projects and courses can I do in one semester that will help me get a job in Facebook/Google/Quora/Yahoo/or other CS companies which come to placements and offer around 10-14 Lakh package to CS students?

Being from Electrical Engineering I have done projects in Hardware designing, VLSI, communication, wireless, sytem on chip designing, embedded. one project is related to robotics : some algorithm implementation on FPGA. one is high speed Ethernet transmission...


Fundamental of computer science, C,C++, Python, Datastructure and Algorithm analysis, Compiler Design...

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Verbally accepted a job offer, but now a dream offer has come along...

Verbally accepted a job offer, but now a dream offer has come along...What should I do? Okay, so I decided to quit my current dead end job and look for a new position. I'm in the video games industry and I'm pretty experienced, so tend to get interviews...


Having accepted the startup's offer doesn't make you an indentured servant; if your family's interests...

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How to handle salary discussions before you have a job offer?

Help with salary negotiations? The standard wisdom -- which I've been trying to follow -- is that you aren’t supposed to talk about salary until after you get a job offer. But the organization began talking about it when they called...


Is this an entry level position, a mid-level move, or (it seems unlikely) a senior-level management...

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Need advice on university teaching job offer?

I've got an offer for a Lecturer position in Curtin University, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. I have a PhD from a top UK university and an M.Sc. from Japan. I have been in an University Lecturing job for 8 years but out of this my active service is for 2...


You have what is known as a "bare bones" offer... Seriously, you need to take this serious...

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Is job offer real for browns hotel in london?

when i look up scott McCaig hes manager at hotel. © Brown's Hotel London 33 Albemarle Street Mayfair, Greater London, United Kingdom. Email: Tel +44 703 5931592 Dear Marian Lyn Roberts, Thanks for your response and...


COMPLETE SCAM. The real Brown's Hotel e-mail address would end in, or @roccofortehotels...

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How much I will get in hand salary if my package is Rs.2,40,000 p.a.? (CTC)?

I have a Job offer from HDFC Bank with a package of Rs. 2,40,000/- p.a., so makes it Rs. 20,000 per month. But will I be getting Rs. 20,000 in hand or less after any tax deduction? Or is it a CTC package? Please explain. If I'll get less, how much do...


You really need to examine your offer letter as it is very difficult for anybody to give you a precise...

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I am indian, i got the job offer in saudi arabia as business analyst?

i am indian, i got the job offer in saudi arabia as business analyst, They are providing SAR 42,000 PA (SAR 3500 pm), 30 days paid holiday every year, Air ticket to and from home country, Accommodation, Transport and Medical Insurance. Is it good salary...


Well SAR. 3500 per month + Accommadation + Transport + Medical + yearly air ticket .... Good package...

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First and inital Job Offer. What to do?

Ok so Im 22y/o gradutating Rutgers Business School this May with a B.S. in Supply Chain Management and Marketing Science. While I have never had an internship, I have been working in a professional environment as work-study student in the University...


I think Caterpillar is a great company-my grandfather worked for them his entire working career as an...

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Are you hired for sure after a job offer?

This is my first time getting a job offer. It is a job at cisco and I can't believe it. I got the offer over the phone. It was the recruiter who gave me the news. She emailed me a welcome package with documents to read and fill out. After passing background...


Sounds exactly the way a professional, legitimate job offer would happen. CONGRATULATIONS on your new...

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Wet behind the ears with a new job offer. How to get what I want?

At long last, after a year jobhunting, I’ve seemingly finally landed a job! It’s not 100% set in stone yet, and I’m a bit uncertain of how to proceed. Help me navigate this whole process. Last week, I had two interviews with a small company (>15...


This sounds unwise to me. You're taking a 25% cut from your expected salary to work for a company that...

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