How to get a Camera Signal to a TV?

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How to get a Camera Signal to a TV? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: What's the setup - one camera and an audio mixer? And you want a single live video monitor feed directly from the camera, and a ...

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How do you get a job as a tv/film camera operator?

Please experience camera women and men operators I need your help and guidance.I've been trying to find info on how to get a job as a camera man or camera operator for TV and more


First go to school. Those camera operators applying for the jobs you are interested in pursuing have...

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How to get rid of that fuzzy screen when filming TV with a digital camera?

I wanted to record a game I'm playing, but since I can't afford those Dazzle screen recorders, I figured I'd just take my digital camera and record the TV. The thing is, whenever I point my digital camera at the TV, the TV screen looks all fuzzy and...


The simple answer, unfortunately, is no. You're trying to record something that is being refreshed line...

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How can I get rid of the black lines that appear on a tv only when they are recorded via camera or video camer?

I have a problem where I am trying to record some game off my tv and onto my camera and there are these black lines on my tv set when I go back and watch the film. I have tried it on one of my tv sets and it didn't make any lines, but the next time the...


Screens work by scanning the pictures onto the screen your camera is picking up that, if you change...

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How can i get videos from my camera with a usb port to my tv with audio/video ports?

I just bought an HP M425v digital camera and want to copy videos from it to dvd. I have dvd recorder, but not directly on my pc. I need a way to connect the camera to the dvd recorder or at least my tv in order for the dvd recorder to copy the video.


You Won't Be Able To DIRECTLY Copy The Video To DVD It Is In An "Incompatible Format" For...

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I bought a wireless camera that plays to tv or other machine. How do I get it to record?

It sends signal to tv or vcr (who has a vcr anymore)? I need it to record, not just play, overnight so I can catch who is vandalizing my home. How can I do this?


Most security systems use a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) it's like a VCR but records to a hard drive...

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It depends on the exact signaling method your wireless camera is using. If you have one of the popular...

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I just got a spy camera and I can't get the signal on my tv?

What I get is lines and no picture. I tried adjusting it but no luck


Adjust it finer. Turn the dial slowly.

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How can I get my Flip video camera to play on my TV?

It has a TV plug in the side but what cables do I use to show it on a big TV?


If you have a normal Ultra or Mino use the composite cables that are included with the camera. If you...

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How to connect my samsung d60 on TV, I didnt get cable with RCA connector, and camera does not have video out.

With my samsung d60 I only get USB cable, for connection with PC. How to connect it with TV?


Have you checked the Samsung support site for your camcorder model??

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